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Foreign Liaison Officer program to bed down

(U.S. Air Force photo/2nd Lt. Jason Gabrick) Construction began today on the new Foreign Liaison Officer program area here at Schriever AFB. The FLO program is the newest endeavor to be headed up by the Joint Functional Component Command for Integrated Missile Defense. A German and Dutch officer will be arriving to the new work area sometime in the fall.

By 2nd Lt. Jason Gabrick

50th Space Wing Public Affairs

SCHRIEVER AIR FORCE BASE, Colo. — Construction is underway on a new work area for the Joint Functional Component Command for Integrated Missile Defense which will make Schriever home to two foreign officers; one from Germany and one from the Netherlands. With all of the mission partners here, Schriever is already operating in a joint environment, but now, thanks to JFCC IMD, Schriever is going international.

U.S. Strategic Command directed the standup of JFCC IMD in 2005. Since then, the organization has been located here and housed in Missile Defense Agency facilities.

For almost eight years, JFCC IMD has been working on a campaign that brings missile defense representatives from foreign countries together. With 14 participating nations and 12 observing nations, the campaign, NIMBLE TITAN, has provided a platform for international partnerships and collaboration.

“It makes sense, within this mission area of Ballistic Missile Defense, to partner with our nation’s allies,” said John Wilkinson, deputy director of Allied Integration JFCC IMD. “NIMBLE TITAN has helped to engage nations around the world in a campaign series of experiments and war games.”

In the event that a ballistic missile is deployed against the U.S. or its allies, decisions regarding missile defense would need to be made immediately.

“You can have all the operational capability in the world to defend, but, when a missile defense situation occurs, it’s a fast fight. It occurs within minutes,” said Wilkinson.

Because of this limited duration, continuous communication with U.S. allies is necessary to synchronize missile defense capabilities and decision-making processes.

Now, Schriever will be home to JFCC IMD’s newest program with German and Dutch officers set to arrive this fall. The Foreign Liaison Officer program is the nation’s newest endeavor to strengthen those missile defense ties and Schriever has the unique opportunity to host that mission.

The 50th Space Wing Plans and Programs office, or XP, organized a site survey last winter where a bed down plan for JFCC IMD’s FLO program was established.

“50 SW/XP is the front door. When any new or existing mission or agency would like to build, use current facilities or change their existing footprint on 50 SW property, they must come through our office. We are the facilitators who link 50 SW internal and external agencies together to ensure compliance with the Air Force Basing Process,” said Devon Thomas, 50 SW Site Survey Beddown manager.

In the meantime, Team Schriever is being praised by JFCC IMD’s leadership for the support it has received throughout the bed-down process.

“It has been a partnership with tremendous teamwork between mission support, civil engineering, the contracting squadron, security forces, and, I could go on and on,” said Wilkinson. “Team Schriever has really stood up and has been willing to help us out. They have been open-minded and we really do appreciate that because of our unique mission.”

JFCC IMD expects as the FLO program expands the two foreign officers scheduled to arrive this fall will only be the first of many at Schriever.

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