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4 SOPS makes bold claim: Fittest, most athletic unit

By Staff Sgt. Julius Delos Reyes

50th Space Wing Public Affairs

Let the games begin.

Units across Schriever Air Force Base will gather in Olympic fashion as athletes from each organization compete in the 4-Fit Challenge Aug. 3 at the main fitness center.

Sporting events include individual and relay track events in distances of 100 and 400 meters and one mile, triathlon, basketball, flag football, pushup and sit-up competitions.

“The 4-Fit Challenge was originally designed to test the overall fitness of each unit throughout the 50th Space Wing through multiple strength and conditioning trials,” said 1st Lt. James Eagan, 4th Space Operations Squadron chief of protected MILSATCOM operations weapons and tactics.

Though the challenge is issued by 4 SOPS to the rest of Schriever, each unit provides competitors to represent themselves in each event. Points will be awarded for each event, and an overall winner will be announced at the end of the day. Additionally, the points will count towards the Commander’s Cup, the base’s overall intramurals champion trophy.

“Units form teams to compete in a variety of events, with each score tallied at the end to determine the fittest squadron,” Eagan said.

The 4-Fit Challenge began in 2006 when then Lt. Col. John Shaw was the 4 SOPS commander and served as an initiative to promote the awareness of physical fitness here.

“The event has evolved [through] the years to include a wider variety of fitness evaluations and competitions,” Eagan said. “While track events are still the main focus, other events, such as flag football and basketball, have been included to encourage more participation from a wide variety of athletes.”

In 2006, approximately 50 competitors participated, since then, participation exceeded 100 in 2007 and 2008. The challenge did not take place last year, but the reigning champion is 4 SOPS.

Although fun in nature, the 4-Fit Challenge stirs some serious competition, Eagan said.

“I think 4 SOPS has a great chance of winning most of the events,” he said. “Both our intramural and physical fitness results speak for themselves. We are hands down the fittest and most athletic squadron in the 50th Space Wing, and are obviously the clear favorites to win the entire event, again.”

Meanwhile, Senior Airman Joshua Querin, 50th Operations Group standards and evaluation Milstar/advanced extremely high frequency evaluator, begged to disagree.

“According to the last commander’s call, 4 SOPS was ranked number 4,” said Querin, who is participating in a 4×100-meter relay. “I think my team will be able to beat 4 SOPS.”

Querin said he is excited to play in the 4-Fit Challenge and enjoys the camaraderie. It is also a great opportunity to get away from the desk and enjoy some competition.

“The 4-Fit challenge promotes fitness in a competitive and fun way,” Eagan said. “It is a chance for the units to get together and showcase their skills, fitness and sportsmanship. It is a great event for the entire base.”

Who will win depends on which unit wants it more. For now, let the taunts and trash talking begin.

For more information about the challenge, call 1st Lt. James Eagan at 567-6352.

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