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Website helps optimize diet, workouts

By Scott Prater

Schriever Sentinel

Eating healthy and keeping fit can be a daunting task for Airmen and families, especially while balancing work and life demands. Knowing the right foods to eat for optimum health can only be half the battle.

That’s why the Schriever Health and Wellness Center recommends a new Air Force website, called The website helps people discover options for buying, planning and preparing healthy meals and provides tips for creating customized exercise workouts.

“It’s a valuable new resource for people,” said Staff Sgt. Vanessa Arthur, HAWC dietitian. “It includes a lot of beneficial information, including nutritious recipes and nutrition guidelines. It even helps people track their intake and exercise regimens.”

Introduced earlier this year, the website has become a key resource for the Better Body, Better Life class, a five-week HAWC course that helps attendees lose weight and live healthier.

“The site offers a tracking tool, where people can input their height, weight and age along with the amount of weight they would like to lose,” Arthur said. “The tool then produces a report that shows the exact number of calories a person needs to consume every day in order to lose one to two pounds per week.”

Arthur likes the interactive meal-planning tool featured on the site. It allows users to plan meals by the day and the week, which eliminates guesswork while keeping tabs on caloric intake.

“Most websites or apps out there are charging people for this type of capability,” she said. “There are some free ones out there, but they are mostly bare bones sites. You have to upgrade to their paid site or application to get the interactive tools.”

The site treats physical training in a similar manner to its nutrition tools, allowing users to punch in their daily statistics as a means of tracking their physical progress.

“I have often commented that people need to record their fitness-related data so they can go back and get a better idea of what they actually did versus what they think they did,” said Seth Cannello, Schriever sports and fitness director. “The tool on this site helps people set realistic goals. You may not reach your goal, but at least you can see your accurate progress.”

Schriever HAWC staff can also help guide people through the site or answer questions about how to use all of the tools available.

Anyone interested in signing up for the Better Body, Better Life class or wanting more information on the new Air Force website can call the HAWC at 567-4292.

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