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CSA travel card transitions to GTC

Staff Sgt. Julius Delos Reyes

50th Space Wing Public Affairs

Air Force officials are in the process of transitioning the controlled spend account card back to the government travel card, which will operate like a standard charge card.

From August to September, the Air Force Banking Office will e-mail Airmen informing them of the change in the terms and conditions of their travel charge cards.

“The CSA to GTC transition will be seamless and transparent to the customer as they will not have to do anything to facilitate the process,” said Staff Sgt. Valentin Rojas, 50th Comptroller Squadron financial support NCO in charge. “Schriever Airmen will keep their current blue CSA card, if they are in possession of one, and continue to use it for all official government travel.”

For cardholders who had a GTC before converting to the CSA program their cards will be defaulted to their previous account type, standard or restricted. For all cardholders who never had a GTC before and acquired a CSA, they will be defaulted to a restricted GTC. All travelers who have never received a GTC and are in need of one have to contact their unit APC.

“It is critical for all Air Force travelers to know their travel card status — open or closed, restricted or standard — and their APC before departing for a temporary duty or a permanent change of station,” said Jim Sisson, Air Force Banking Office director.

The current blue CSA card will operate just like the GTC that was used for many years prior to the CSA. GTCs have fixed credit limits like a regular charge card, and cardholders no longer need to request temporary spend limit increases. Requests for credit limit increases on the new card must be coordinated with the cardholder’s supervisor and APC who is responsible for managing the travel card program.

There are quite a bit of changes and improvements associated with this transition, Rojas said.

“GTC delinquencies will be managed more effectively Air Force wide,” he said. “APCs will be able to provide better support and customer service to all travelers and warfighters. System generated email notifications will now be sent to members getting close to becoming delinquent on their GTC.”

Additionally, credit limits are permanent and based on the type of GTC the member is in possession rather than temporary credit limit loaded through a cost estimate. For standard GTC, the permanent credit limit is $7,500, while restricted is $4,000. The terms of the GTC include a cash advance fee of 2.2 percent, which is considered a reimbursable travel expense when used for official purposes.

A future enhancement to the GTC program includes an option for cardholders to automatically split-disburse most non-mileage expenses, such as hotel taxes, excess baggage and rental fuel to the travel card when completing a Defense Travel System voucher.

As part of this transition, individuals will be required to complete the GTC cardholder training provided on the Defense Travel Management Office Travel Explorer website.

“Once the member’s CSA has been converted to a GTC, they will receive a system generated e-mail notification that will provide instructions on completing this training,” Rojas said. “Upon completion, cardholders will need to provide their training certificate to their unit GTC APC.”

Completion of the cardholder training is necessary in order for members to become familiar with the GTC program policies and procedures. Besides the GTC cardholder training, cardholders will also need to complete a Statement of Understanding signed by their supervisor and submitted to their unit APC. Instructions will be provided on the post conversion e-mail from Citibank. It is also important that cardholders continue to pay their GTC on time to avoid becoming delinquent.

“By educating our cardholders, we are ensuring that members properly use monetary resources and thus prevent getting into trouble for GTC misuse,” Rojas said.

For more information, call the 50 CPTS customer service at 567-2010.

(Tech Sgt. Shawn Jones, Air Force Public Affairs Agency, contributed to the story)

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