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Schriever creates site for excess supplies

By Staff Sgt. Robert Cloys

50th Space Wing Public Affairs

When a memorandum for distribution dated May 22 written by Vice Chief of Staff Gen. Philip Breedlove requested action in identifying surplus supplies and establishing local listings to make those supplies visible, Schriever answered the call.

“In times of cost consciousness, we are taking all practical actions to achieve our efficiency commitments and live within our fiscal constraints,” wrote Breedlove in the memorandum. “One efficiency area that requires action is identifying surplus supplies in individual units and creating local savings by repurposing them.”

Enter Schriever’s online excess site that works similarly to Craigslist.

“It’s called the Secretary of the Air Force Inventory List,” said Col. Jonathan Webb, 50th Mission Support Group commander. “The site is for smaller, office-type items and allows people to advertise they have excess inventory.”

Utilizing in-place capabilities, a SharePoint site was created to enable commanders, unit supply personnel, or other office workers to post unneeded supplies for other units to claim.

The SAF Excess Inventory has been up and running within the 50 MSG to ensure everything worked correctly. With concept proven, the invitation for the rest of the 50th Space Wing has been extended.

“Each unit is urged to check the site before purchasing new supplies,” said Sharon Michaels, secretary at the 50th Force Support Squadron and one of the driving forces in establishing the site. “After entering the site, you can choose to either look at available supplies and contact the particular point of contact to procure the product, or enter ‘new’ to and post your excess supply.”

Each item posted also contains a description of the item, its category, quantity, unit price, and point of contact information. Each month feedback is reported to Air Force Space Command where it is complied into a report and sent to the Air Force level to track cost savings of the AF initiative.

The site has already shown usefulness during its first weeks of operation.

“We’ve had wing agencies come up to the MSG and pick up some supplies,” said Webb. “We had printer cartridges that didn’t fit any of our printers here, so it was a perfect fit to start putting things up on there that we really didn’t need. Because of the site, those who had a need for those items didn’t have to spend any more money because we already had done that.”

The site is listed as the “SAF Excess Inventory” on the MSG’s SharePoint site. Alternatively, users can bookmark

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