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A2D2 postures to prevent drunk driving

By Staff Sgt. Robert Cloys

50th Space Wing Public Affairs

The Airmen Against Drunk Driving initiative, or A2D2 for short, is starting back up here at Schriever the weekend of Nov. 23. just in time for Thanksgiving.

A2D2 is an Airman-run private organization which assists Peterson and Schriever military members, as well as dependents and civilian employees, who have been drinking or are with others who have been drinking get home safely.

“With this service available, no one should ever drive drunk,” said Senior Airman Luke Howell, Schriever Airman’s Council president and one of the lead organizers of A2D2.

The initiative’s main objective is to prevent deaths, injuries and illegal actions that generally come as a result from driving under the influence.

“On the proactive front, we want to educate base personnel on the severe consequences of driving under the influence and the importance of having a plan,” said Howell. “Unfortunately, plans fall through and that’s why we are here. If A2D2’s services prevent even a single DUI and keep an intoxicated driver off the road, then the program is a success.”

A2D2 is entirely volunteer run, with no funding from base organizations. In order for the program to work, it needs volunteers.

“Anyone assigned to Schriever or Peterson Air Force Bases can volunteer for A2D2,” said Howell.

Volunteers don’t even have to be active duty. Spouses, dependents and civilians all are welcome to participate as well. Additionally, volunteers can dedicate as little or as much of their time as their schedules allow.

“The commander and I are both on the same page about Airman Against Drunk Driving,” said Col. William Rittershaus, 50th Space Wing vice commander. “We think this is a great initiative and it’s awesome that Airmen are taking it upon themselves to set up such a beneficial program.”

To use A2D2 during their operating hours, those in need of a ride simply need to make a call to 552-2233 (AADD).

“Be prepared to communicate your current location and situation,” said Howell. “The dispatcher on duty will find a standby driver in your area available to take you home.”

Starting Nov. 23, A2D2 will begin operating between 10 p.m. and 3 a.m. Fridays and Saturdays and nights prior to family days or holidays. A2D2 will also begin supporting official wing events with 30 days prior notification.

To volunteer as a driver or dispatcher or to learn more about the program, call 567-4163. A copy of vehicle insurance, a filled out A2D2 membership file form and A2D2 driver vehicle waiver form will be required.

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