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Schriever’s Orbital Harmony ready to perform

By 2nd Lt. Jason Gabrick

50th Space Wing Public Affairs

Schriever’s premier a cappella musical ensemble, Orbital Harmony, is searching for opportunities to show off its vocal prowess.

When the Schriever Choir first began in March of 2001, the entire choir was often not available for events because of conflicting schedules and the daily grind. As a result, a small a cappella group, usually a quartet, was formed out of the choir on an as-needed basis to provide the necessary support for such events as promotion and retirement ceremonies.

These small impromptu groups were often referred to as the Stellar Voices Choir. The group was informal and continually shifting its members.

“We didn’t have a specific logo then,” said Neal Vickrey, a member of Orbital Harmony and the Space Innovation and Development Center here. “When the decision was made last year to formally name our a cappella performance group ‘Orbital Harmony’ we decided to adopt one to help get the word out and to get people to associate us with our logo.”

The Schriever choir has come a long way. Although the choir has performed at Denver Broncos’ games and other notable events, the new group is trying to make a name for itself.

Last year, the official performance group of the Schriever Choir, Orbital Harmony was formed in the same spirit as the impromptu Stellar Voices Choir. Since its inception, the group has performed at ceremonies such as retirements, change of commands and satellite deactivations. One of the most notable events the group performed at recently was a retirement for a general officer at the U.S. Air Force Academy here in Colorado Springs.

The group even front lined at a few local sporting events. Orbital Harmony sang Irving Berlin’s “God Bless America” at two military appreciation Sky Sox games.

“We are a four part a cappella choir and we are well versed in patriotic music,” said Ellen Prechtl, director of Orbital Harmony and a member of the 50th Space Communications Squadron. “We’re currently brushing up on our Christmas carols, so that we’ll be available for squadron functions and caroling.”

The next event on the group’s calendar is a retirement ceremony for Master Sgt. Appolo Scroggins, 50th Space Wing command section superintendent.

“I saw them perform at a retirement ceremony a little while ago and, they did such a good job,” said Scroggins.

Every Thursday, you can find the group rehearsing in the multipurpose room adjacent to the main fitness center. The only instrument in the room each week is a keyboard used to get the group in tune. Once the tune is set, the rehearsal is an all-a-cappella affair.

“Orbital Harmony is always looking for new members and opportunities to perform,” said Prechtl.

If you’re interested in requesting a performance from Orbital Harmony or becoming a member, please contact Prechtl at (719) 567-2795.

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