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What is the Community Action Information Board?

From the Community Action Information Board

PETERSON AIR FORCE BASE, Colo. — Wing leaders continually desire to provide avenues to care for Airmen and their families through a variety of methods, including the Community Action Information Board.

The CAIB is a senior leadership body that provides an important opportunity for wing leadership to come together and discuss a wide variety of individual, family and community issues such as deployment and reintegration support, personal finance and substance abuse.

“The CAIB is intended to identify and resolve issues that impact the readiness of Air Force members and their families, while promoting the avenues that make the Air Force experience a positive one for members and families alike,” said Beverly Price, CAIB executive director and the 21st Space Wing community support coordinator.

Basically, the CAIB operates at three levels: installation, major command and headquarters Air Force. On Peterson Air Force Base, at the wing level, the CAIB is chaired by Col. Chris Crawford, 21st SW commander. The idea is to use a grassroots approach to hear concerns with emphasis on positive actions and programs that strengthen force readiness and assist Air Force families in successfully managing the demands of military life.

At the wing, the CAIB works hand-in-hand with a multi-agency working group called the Integrated Delivery System. The IDS, the action arm of the CAIB, is comprised of various helping agencies to develop initiatives to present to the CAIB. Some of these agencies include experts from the medical group, the chaplain’s office, the Sexual Assault Prevention and Response coordinator, child and youth programs, the Airman and Family Readiness Center, and other agencies designed to assist people.

“The Community Action Information Board takes a strategic, cross-functional look at quality of life, personnel readiness, and community issues to formulate long-term solutions,” Price said. “The CAIB approach to community problem-solving takes a broad perspective to integrate and synergize efforts to address community concerns.”

The installation CAIB identifies individual, family, installation and community concerns. When appropriate, these are forwarded to the major command CAIB for resolution, Price said. The CAIB also approves a community action plan, written by the IDS, every two years to guide the CAIB’s activities and to establish priorities for the organizations participating on the CAIB.

Past initiatives include improving support to families during deployments, an integrated community approach to suicide prevention, improved and added programs for exceptional family members, as well as enhanced and integrated services for members dealing with a variety of life stressors.

“Countless Peterson (AFB) members and families have benefitted from an assortment of special events, family programs, support groups and various other initiatives that are offered throughout the base,” Price said. “These initiatives have resulted in Peterson members and their families embracing a significant improvement in their quality of life, community health, and connection to those around them. This all ties into the Comprehensive Airman Fitness model where Airmen strive to maintain balance through social, physical, mental, and spiritual awareness and activities.”

For questions concerning the CAIB, IDS or Comprehensive Airman Fitness, contact Price at or 556-6141.

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