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New education seminar sends Airmen back to school

By Lea Johnson

21st Space Wing Public Affairs staff writer

PETERSON AIR FORCE BASE, Colo. — Airmen transitioning out of the Air Force have a multitude of options for life after the military which can be challenging to navigate and choose a direction.

At least one year before retiring or separating from the military, members are required to attend the Transition Assistance Program. According to Mel Castile, Education Services education counselor, starting in January, members will have the option to attend an in depth, two-day education seminar after TAP.

“(Members) will attend the five-day TAP program and at the program they will select if they want to go through the education track,” Castile said. “If they select the education track, we will work with the Airmen and Family Readiness Center and get the names of those folks and schedule them for the two-day program.”

The education seminar will be held each month one week after the TAP class concludes.

Castile said the education seminar will cover everything from selecting a college to obtaining a certification to tuition assistance and the G.I. Bill.

“We will go through everything with them. How to look for college, how to apply for different kinds of college, we touch on how different degrees will affect their career choices,” Castile said.

During the seminar, attendees will get to meet with a panel of representatives from a variety of colleges to ask questions and receive direct answers.

Castile said the best part is that the assistance doesn’t end with the seminar.

“They will get individualized counseling from our counselors. They can walk (members) through exactly what they need in that final year,” he said.

The counselors will be there to help from start to finish.

Blaine Hales, Education Services chief, said, “This is a really positive thing the Air Force has put a lot of time and money into to help our folks as they transition out of the Air Force have a better chance of being employed, or having the education they need to be the most competitive for those jobs.”

For more information call 556-4065.

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