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Positive attitude affects others

Commentary by Lt. Col. Trent Tuthill

50th Mission Support Group deputy commander

I learn something every day from the men and women in our great Air Force. A couple months ago, I received an impressionable response to a simple question and was reminded of how a positive attitude is contagious. I asked a young Airman how he was doing and with honesty and enthusiasm, he responded, “This is the best day of my life!” My whole family, to include my in-laws, who were in town for the holidays and in the vehicle, also heard the response. Honestly, I was a little taken back at the time, but upon a little reflection it was easy to see how one Airman’s positive attitude can have a huge impact on multiple people. As we proceeded throughout the day, we discussed what a positive, upbeat attitude this individual had and how it impacted each of us. Still to this day, our family talks about how we can make this the best day of our life.

Most of us have experienced people with an “attitude” and there are usually some very negative events, actions or behaviors associated with the individual. Unfortunately, sometimes we do have bad days, unfortunate or unexpected events happen, or someone is just plain rude or unprofessional. However, how we respond or how we deal with the event has a huge impact on the overall outcome. Having a positive attitude can and will help us cope with the events life presents each of us on a daily basis. A positive attitude will create optimism, help us see events in a positive light and allow us to make constructive changes in our lives.

Having and displaying a positive attitude is a choice. Each of us has a different background, different circumstances or different events, which help shape who we are. As we choose to have a positive attitude each day, we will see more happiness and success come our way. Seeing the glass half full and looking at the bright side of any event will help fill our lives with happiness. As we become more positive, the whole environment where we work and live and those people around us will also become more positive.

There are numerous sources that show a direct link between a positive attitude and success: more energy, better ability to deal with stress, increased life span and an increased resistance to common sickness. If you have been displaying signs of a negative attitude, anticipating the worst outcome or expecting failure; now is the time to change the way you think. Think about positive events and actions, encourage yourself, create a healthy lifestyle and stick to it, and don’t be afraid to show a little humor. Positive thinking does not mean unpleasant or difficult events will not occur or that when a negative event occurs, you simply ignore it. Having a positive attitude and thoughts will help each of us successfully navigate an unpleasant or difficult situation and the outcome will be much more productive. We need to always think the best is going to happen. As the continuous thoughts run through our heads, we need to keep the thoughts positive. Positive thoughts have a direct link to a positive attitude.

During my career, I have been fortunate enough to see and live in some wonderful places around the world and work with outstanding individuals. We are all very fortunate to be in the best air force in the world, but that is a choice we each made. As you continue to make choices, make the choice to have a positive attitude. I am thankful everyday for the opportunities we have and we can each conquer any challenge with the right attitude.

As you go about your day, make a conscious choice to have a positive attitude, smile often and make this the best day of your life.

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