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Scouts take on Olympic wrestlers

Luke M. Antonia, son of Col. Bruce Antonia, chief of staff, 4th Infantry Division and Fort Carson, takes down Ben Provisor, Greco-Roman wrestler, U.S. Olympic Team, during the annual Blue and Gold Banquet, which is the anniversary of Scouting, Feb. 23, at Carson Middle School.

Story and photo by Cpl. William Smith

4th Infantry Division Public Affairs Office

An 80-pound Cub Scout takes up a wrestling stance and shoots in on his 200-plus pound opponent, grabbing a single leg and exploding upward to take him to the mat while friends and Family watch Feb. 23, at Carson Middle School.

Members of the U.S. Olympic Freestyle and Greco-Roman wrestling teams entertained and supported Cub Scout Pack 264 for its annual Blue and Gold Banquet, in celebration of the anniversary of Scouting.

“I think it is great to give back to these military kids,” said Capt. Phil Simpson, freestyle wrestler, World Class Athlete Program. “I know what they go through and

I love to give support to them and programs like the Scouts.”

After attendees enjoyed conversation and a potluck dinner, Col. Bruce Antonia, chief of staff, 4th Infantry Division and Fort Carson, welcomed the wrestlers.

“This was not planned,” Antonia said to the wrestlers as he started to remove his blouse, then challenged any of the wrestlers to a friendly exhibition, laughing and saying that after he was done his son would finish the match.

The wrestlers briefly introduced themselves before demonstrating a few techniques of both freestyle and Greco-Roman wrestling.

In freestyle wrestling, wrestlers can use almost any technique to pin their opponent to the ground, but in the Greco-Roman style, wrestlers cannot use their legs to attack or defend and must remain in contact with their opponent for a technique to score points.

Following the demonstration, the team invited a few of the Cubs to wrestle with them and practice the moves they were just shown.

“I think it is awesome for (the Scouts) to be here,” said Lisa Jenkins, committee chair, Cub Scout Pack 264. “I know they are all excited.”

Concluding the fun with the Cubs, the athletes brought up the fact that their sport might get removed from the 2020 Olympics and asked for support by visiting www.keepwrestling, which will allow the wrestlers who are in the WCAP to continue to train and represent the U.S.

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