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Celebrate Earth Day, save energy

By Staff Sgt. Julius Delos Reyes

50th Space Wing Public Affairs

With Earth Day celebrations April 22, the 50th Civil Engineer Squadron Energy Team encourages Team Schriever to join the party by conserving energy.

The Energy Team wants base personnel to keep energy and water conservation on their mind. It is not only a great way to save money but can also help minimize environmental impact.

Earth Day reminds everyone that people share the planet; sharing Earth means taking responsibility for what people use and how they use it. It is a day to think about the environmental challenges people face and how to solve them.

Base energy officials said the best thing anyone can do for the environment is rethink the way they use resources and to use less; the fewer resources and products used, the less waste there is.

“At this time, the energy and water savings the Air Force can realize is crucial to our country,” said Abe Irshid, 50 CES energy manager. “These savings only happen when our Air Force members, including officers, enlisted, civilians and contractors, are aware of energy uses and are engaged in taking action to contribute.”

Schriever has already accomplished many facility infrastructure improvements to install more efficient mechanical systems, capture waste sources that can be converted or used for energy and make existing systems more productive.

Most initiatives have been accomplished by 50 CES behind the scenes such as replacing large boilers and chillers to provide cheaper heat and cooling for the buildings, evaluating and reducing building energy loss using aerial infrared technology and searching for aging water-pipe leaks.

“Some of the efforts are very visible to our Schriever personnel such as replacing bathroom fixtures with low flow devices and installing motion sensor building lighting,” Irshid said.

The typical way the base measures savings is through reductions in the installation’s financial obligations for electricity, gas and water. In the past five years, the base has reduced these bills by approximately $1.5 million from the 2003 baseline.

However, the base still needs its personnel to do their part to help conserve energy and water. Failing to use resources in a responsible manner may create pollution that can damage water, soil, air and other parts of the environment.

“Saving energy eliminates the use of resources that are valuable in sustaining the Air Force mission,” Irshid said. “Some form of energy is used to produce everything we use in our daily work day. The paper we print or write on is derived using energy and water. The computer that most of us use in our day-to-day business uses energy. So, any reduction of resources in their daily work day contributes to an enormous savings for our Air Force.”

Additionally, the Energy Team encourages base personnel to be aware of their surroundings with regard to energy and water usage. It’s no secret people are using more energy today than ever before, but there are still simple things individuals can do to help reduce the effect energy consumption has on the environment. The team provided the following tips:

• Don’t use personal electrical devices that are merely used for personal comfort or aesthetics. These devices may include electric picture frames, lights that provide no value to improve eye relief, unapproved space heaters, fans or refrigerators.

• Use unit or area office amenities. For example, use a single office coffee maker or refrigerator rather than individual appliances. Ensure all appliances are Energy Star rated products.

• Treat the office like your home.

• Create an office end of day checklist to ensure all energy savings are being utilized.

• Ensure printers are turned off at the end of the day.

• Turn off lights in unoccupied areas when you leave a room.

• Turn off equipment that is no longer in use.

• Turn off task lighting.

• Turn off computer related equipment, such as monitors and speakers, when not in use.

• Log off computers.

• Report incorrect temperatures, leaky faucets, blocked air vents, cracked windows, etc. to the 50 CES customer service at 567-2300.

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