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Leadership seeks feedback through Unit Climate Assessment

By 2nd Lt. Jason Gabrick

50th Space Wing Public Affairs

The 50th Space Wing Commander, Col. James Ross, is asking for maximum participation in an upcoming Unit Climate Assessment, which is being hosted by the 50 SW Equal Opportunity office and is scheduled to begin Wednesday.

The purpose of the upcoming UCA is to assist Schriever Air Force Base’s commanders, at all levels, in assessing their unit’s human relations climate. The survey will also provide recommendations to commanders for improvements.

The UCA is intended to identify concerns which could impact the human relations climate here.

UCAs are automatically conducted every two years in units with more than 50 military personnel assigned, however, commanders with less than 50 military personnel can request a UCA be conducted.

Although participation in a UCA is voluntary and anonymous for military members and civilian employees, Ross is encouraging members to participate so they can receive valuable insight into the health of Schriever.

“It has been a while since we’ve had a 50 SW Unit Climate Assessment,” said Ross. “With everything we’ve been through, from our highs of great operational successes and awards to the fiscal and personnel challenges we’re facing, I thought it was critical to formally check the pulse of the wing.”

To ensure anonymity, every member in a unit receives the same access code. If there are less than six respondents within a demographic area, individual responses are not visible on the UCA report.

“Many times, members feel uncomfortable utilizing their commander’s open door policy,” said Master Sgt. Jennifer O’Quinn, 50 SW/EO deputy director. “The UCA provides a direct line of communication to express issues and concerns directly to the commander. The UCA is not a substitute to file a military or civilian complaint or a report card on the commander, but a way for the commander to gauge the climate of the unit.”

The survey consists of 46 standard Air Force questions and up to 10 local questions from the commander.

There are eight areas assessed throughout the survey. These areas include, but are not limited to, cohesion and pride, motivation and morale, supervisory support, perceived discrimination and sexual assault prevention and response. After each section, members are allotted an opportunity to provide comments with no limit on characters.

“The survey results are also important as we help prepare Col. William Liquori to take command in July,” said Ross.

The survey can be taken from any computer with internet access any time during the survey dates and normally takes about 20 minutes to complete. The UCA database does not have the ability to save progress so members are encouraged to complete the UCA once they begin.

The director of the 50 SW/EO office, Edward Vaughn, said the best way to go about taking the UCA is to imagine yourself as king or queen for the day and ask the question, “What would be the one thing I would change to make Schriever a better community or a more efficient workplace?”

“The UCA is a great tool for expressing both positive and negative feedback to the boss,” said Vaughn. “It’s my belief that everyone has an idea that would make Schriever a better place to work and live. While it may be leadership’s responsibility to implement improvements, they can only be as effective as the feedback they receive and the data Schriever members provide to give our leadership the tools or vectors to make Schriever the best base in Air Force Space Command.”

For more specific information regarding the UCA, consult Air Force Instruction 36-2706, Chapter 12, or contact 50 SW/EO at 567-7096.

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