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Drought spurs water restrictions

By Susan C. Galentine

Directorate of Public Works Net Zero and public relations consultant

Fort Carson, in step with Colorado Springs Utilities’ drought response, is implementing water restrictions to reduce water use on Fort Carson by 30 percent through Oct. 30.

The garrison, in partnership with Balfour Beatty Communities who has oversight of Fort Carson Family housing, signed a 2013 Drought Response Water Policy May 3, outlining the water restrictions for housing and nonhousing areas.

Effective the beginning of May, most turf areas will only be watered twice a week and native grass areas will not be watered at all.

Because of the reduced irrigation this summer, the community can anticipate that landscaping in many areas will be less green and more closely resemble natural vegetation conditions that exist in Colorado’s semi-arid climate.

Irrigation is allowed no more than twice a week between 6 p.m. and 10 a.m. to minimize evaporation. Balfour Beatty will notify residents of their specific watering schedule dates.

Landscape watering with a drip irrigation system, handheld hoses equipped with an active positive shut-off nozzle or handheld container is allowed for trees, shrubs and plants at any time.

During the water restriction period, Balfour Beatty does not plan to sod or reseed any lawns or green areas in an effort to save water.

On the military operations side, units are required to use the Central Vehicle Wash Facility to wash vehicles rather than motor pool wash racks unless the CVWF is not operational or closed. The use of tactical equipment maintenance facility wash racks is for maintenance cleaning only and requires the use of hoses with a positive shutoff nozzle.

Additional water conservation require­ments in the water policy include:

  • The use of outdoor pools of any size during the water restriction period is prohibited. Individuals are encouraged to use Fort Carson’s three community pools.
  • The use of a water hose to clean any paved surfaces, including driveways, is not allowed.
  • Privately owned vehicles on post may only be washed at commercial car washes.
  • To report water leaks in non-Family housing facilities, call the Directorate of Public Works operations and maintenance contractor, Fort Carson Support Services, service order desk at 526-5345. To report water leaks in Family housing, call 579-1605.

Everyone doing their part to help conserve water in the Pikes Peak Region will help assure that there is an adequate water supply to accomplish the mission, protect the quality of life at Fort Carson and stay on track with meeting Net Zero water goal benchmarks.

DPW will update the community on the progress made toward achieving the 30-percent reduction in water use throughout the summer.

For more information, call the Net Zero outreach contractor at 526-4320.

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