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Branding Schriever: U.S. Air Force Warfare Center

By Staff Sgt. Robert Cloys

50th Space Wing Public Affairs

With approximately 20 different mission partners and numerous other geographically separated units, Team Schriever hosts a large amount of people who help carry out the mission. As part of the “Branding Schriever” campaign, the Schriever Air Force Base Public Affairs office wants everyone to know about the units that call Schriever home.

Many who have been at Schriever long enough have heard of the Space Innovation and Development Center. Though the SIDC is gone, its more than 20-year legacy of bringing space to the fight live on the work continued by Air Force Space Command and Air Combat Command units, such as the U.S. Air Force Warfare Center, continuing the mission.

The USAFWC (SPACE) originally stood up in 1993 as the Space Warfare Center in response to the Air Force Space Blue Ribbon Panel on Space after Operation Desert Storm. It was designated the Space Innovation and Development Center in 2006 to meet additional mission needs.

Beginning in early 2012, AFSPC and ACC worked to realign the organizations assigned to the appropriate command and Air Force units but continue the key missions the SIDC provided.

In April, the center and the 595th Space Group inactivated. The retained organizations transferred to AFSPC, the USAFWC and its subordinate units, and the 50th Space Wing.

With roughly 300 military, 200 civilian employees and more than 100 contractors, the USAFWC makes up a significant portion of Team Schriever.

The most prominent organizations to transfer, was the Air Force Tactical Exploitation of National Capabilities Office. AF TENCAP accomplishes rapid prototyping of existing capabilities and applies them to the warfighter’s needs in combat.

Distributed Mission Operations Center — Space, also still located at Schriever, continues modeling and simulation support to wargames and global exercises.

The 17th Test Squadron, here, carries out critical testing of space weapon systems.

The 25th Space Rage Squadron, also here, operates the Department of Defenses’ only space test and training range and continues to support DOD organizations as part of the Nellis Test and Training Range.

The USAFWC (SPACE) is a part of the USAFWC at Nellis.

“The USAFWC at Nellis is the center [organization] for developing tactics in areas that include air, space and cyber for the warfighter,” said Jim Mesco, USAFWC historian. “[The USAFWC here] looks at ways the Air Force can improve, what lessons have been learned and apply those to future missions as well as ongoing missions.”

AFSPC retained the center’s Innovation Division (at Schriever) to continue situational awareness system development and other capabilities. This organization also directs the work for the Schriever Space Wargame.

Those missions are carried out in part by the USAFWC at Schriever, with the support of the 50th Space Wing and Missile Defense Agency.

“The critical work that was being done by some of the Space Innovation Development Center will continue with our new mission partner, the USAF Warfare Center,” said Col. James Ross, 50th Space Wing commander. “We are honored to have our ACC brothers and sisters as part of Team Schriever.”

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