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Use caution near SDS construction projects

Colorado Springs Utilities

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. — Base personnel and visitors will see an increase in construction activities near Peterson AFB and Schriever AFB. A number of these projects are key components of the Southern Delivery System water project being built by Colorado Springs Utilities, which provides water for area military installations within the city of Colorado Springs.

Over the next couple of years, construction vehicles and equipment, including trucks delivering large pipe sections and other materials, will be more prevalent on Highway 24 and Highway 94, as well as nearby roads such as Powers Boulevard, Marksheffel Road, Bradley Road and Drennan Road.

The SDS construction projects in the area include:

Water treatment plant, east of Marksheffel Road, between Highway 94 and Highway 24: The new plant will treat up to 50 million gallons a day of water initially. This treatment plant will join others in serving the Colorado Springs community, including Peterson AFB.

Bradley pump station, located south of Bradley Road, about 1.5 miles east of Marksheffel Road: This pump station is one of three that will deliver water to the new treatment plant.

Pipeline construction: The pipeline currently under construction runs north and south, generally east of Marksheffel Road. The 66-inch-diameter, blue sections of steel pipe are transported by truck, one 50-foot section per load. Crews have already installed more than 37 miles of the 50-mile SDS pipeline.

SDS is a regional project to bring Arkansas River water stored in Pueblo Reservoir to Colorado Springs, Fountain, Security and Pueblo West. The project will deliver water beginning in 2016.

Focus on safety: Colorado Springs Utilities is committed to protecting the safety of the public and its workers. Please follow these safety tips:

• Obey reduced speed limits as marked and be alert for changing traffic patterns.

• Keep a safe distance when driving near construction vehicles.

• Take extra care when traveling near the construction sites.

• Observe signs, fences, barricades and other safety measures around construction sites.

For information about these construction activities, contact the SDS information hotline at (855) 737-4968. For ongoing SDS project updates, go to

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