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Fall cleanup makes community shine

Soldiers from various Fort Carson units pick up trash, litter and debris in a parking lot on post, during fall cleanup week, Oct. 23.

Story and photo by Spc. Nathan Thome

4th Infantry Division Public Affairs Office

Fort Carson Soldiers, Families and the post community combined efforts to clean up and dispose of waste on Fort Carson, Oct. 21-25.

The main efforts of fall cleanup week were for battalions to clean their motor pools, conduct police calls on Fort Carson ranges, and for Soldiers to remove leaves, trash and other debris from their housing areas.

“The objective here is to foster a climate of teamwork among the Soldiers to beautify Fort Carson,” said Sgt. Maj. Michael Williams, senior enlisted leader, Directorate of Public Works.

“We’re making an effort to clean our motor pools up, get rid of environmental hazards that exist, and then go around cleaning up all the drainage ditches, parks and housing areas.”

Williams said the effort is to make Fort Carson cleaner than it already is.

“We need to clean up all the trash and debris from all the wind and rain we had during the summer months, and this gives the Soldiers the opportunity to clean up the areas in their footprint,” said Williams.

Soldiers started the week by conducting command maintenance at their respective motor pools.

“Fall cleanup is a great period when we get everyone on the same page,” said Emma Buccambuso, environmental compliance assessor, DPW. “They take the full week, especially at the motor pools, to clean out things that might be waste, need to be turned in or organized and really do a thorough cleaning of their area.”

Buccambuso visits battalion motor pools to ensure environmental standards are being maintained, and areas are safe for Soldiers and the environment.

“I think the biggest takeaway is to stay on top of things all the time, so fall cleanup week doesn’t become a monumental task,” she said. “I’d like to let people know to follow what DPW and (its) environmental division is providing with guidance, and to do the right thing”

Near the Dakota Ridge Village housing area, a group of Soldiers split into smaller teams to pick up trash and other debris.

“It felt pretty good to be out here and helping to clean post,” said Staff Sgt. Bryan Hackley, human intelligence collector, Headquarters and Headquarters Company, 1st Armored Brigade Combat Team, 4th Infantry Division. “I think this helps improve the quality of the post greatly, because Fort Carson is a great place to live, and we should shine — there’s no reason we shouldn’t shine every day.” Hackley said he believes fall cleanup will affect the community as a whole.

“We have nice things, and it’s our responsibility to keep them nice by keeping them clean,” he said. “I think this event affects the community in a positive way, as far as morale. People want a nice place to live, and they deserve a nice place to live.”

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