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Armed Forces Voters’ Week starts June 30

Installation Voter Assistance Office

PETERSON AFB, Colo. — Armed Forces Voters’ Week is June 30 through July 7 this year. It’s one of two special emphasis weeks set up every two years by the Federal Voting Assistance Program. During this week, installation and unit voting assistance officers make themselves available to ensure that every military and overseas citizen can continue to vote in their home state, or state of legal residence, no matter where they are stationed.

Since this is a mid-term election year, most states will be electing a federal congressman or senator in November. For you to stay connected, make your voice heard — send your vote home.

The FVAP website ( has an easy online assistant to ensure simple registration/absentee ballot request gets to your state in a timely manner. All the information needed for your state, county, parish or district automatically populates once you select your state. It takes less than five minutes.

Help is also available on base. The Installation Voter Assistance Office is co-located with the Peterson Museum in building 982. If you can’t make it to the office, email or call 556-5543 for assistance. We can also put you in touch with a unit voting assistance officer who is ready to help you exercise your right to vote. It’s especially important for those of you who are new to the base and are residents of another state, to ensure your local election official has your current address so they can get your absentee ballot to you in time for you to return it by your state’s deadline.

A registration request typically takes about two weeks to process. Many states now have the option to email or fax registration. Register now to receive your absentee ballot in October. And if you have children who’ll be 18 years old by Nov. 4, encourage them to register for the first time. Spouses and family members can use the same convenient form — the Voter Registration and Absentee Ballot Request form.

Remember, the best way for you to stay connected and make your voice heard is to send your vote home.

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