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Seeing double

By Senior Airman Naomi Griego

50th Space Wing Public Affairs

For the last few months, Team Schriever members have been perplexed by sightings of who they believe is the same person when really, they’re just seeing the “Space Operator twins.”

2nd Lts. Mary and Sarah Holman are identical twins who just so happen to work in the 50th Operations Group. Mary is in training to be a Wideband Global SATCOM operator at the 3rd Space Operations Squadron, while Sarah is a payload system operator at the 2nd Space Operations Squadron.

Mary was born 17 minutes before Sarah; and since utero, the two have been almost always inseparable. They spent their entire lives going through the same classes, playing the same sports and attending the same college.

The sisters were in the same graduate school program, earning their masters degrees in microbiology. They had a mutual friend who enticed them with a career in the Air Force and they decided to join. Going through OTS was the first time the sisters had ever been apart.

“We knew we were going to be separated in different squadrons and it would be difficult,” said Mary. “It was just comforting to know she was close and going through the exact same thing.”

She said growing up as a twin brought extra attention.

“People find it exciting to identify us as ‘the twins’ and not give us an individual identity,” said Mary.

Sarah just so happens to work downstairs from her sister Mary. It has been creating some confusion despite their efforts.

“We get cases of mistaken identity,” said Sarah. “And we try not to confuse people intentionally.”

Mary recalled just the other day, someone came up to her and said, “I feel like I just saw you.” She didn’t even recognize the woman and it wasn’t until later she understood she had been mistaken for her sister.

Growing up together, people wanted them to intentionally fool people with the twin card but they never wanted to get involved in the trickery, added Mary.

She jokingly said, “I mean we’re not puppets.”

Most people would see it as an opportunity to take advantage, but not the Holman sisters.

“We’ve both been equally good in the same subjects so it really wouldn’t have worked out any way,” Mary said.

They hope to be able to continue their careers in the Air Force together, including potential U.S. Air Force Weapons School and deployment opportunities.

So the next time you’re walking around in Building 300 and think you’ve impossibly seen the same person, it’s probably just the SOPS twins, Mary and Sarah.

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