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Team Schriever begins Energy Action Month

50th Space Wing Public Affairs

October is the official Energy Action Month for the Air Force. To help celebrate the energy month this year, Team Schriever is kicking off its “Biggest Energy Reducer Competition.”

Energy Action Month is a campaign that is designed to focus attention on energy and water savings activities. This year’s theme is “I am Air Force Energy.”

The competition pits all facilities on base to compete against each other to determine which building will generate the biggest energy reduction.

“The goal is for every employee — military, civilian and contractor — to bring energy awareness into his or her daily activities and adopt energy-saving habits and work practices that will enable Schriever AFB and the Air Force to continue to reduce energy and water consumption,” said Abe Irshid, Schriever energy manager.

The following buildings will be highlighted throughout the campaign to associate personnel with energy use around the base: 15, 24, 40, 60, 210, 220, 300, 301, 400, 401, 500, 702, 712, 720, 730, 780, 810 and 805.

Energy use data will be publicized monthly showing which building is leading the way in energy reductions.

Additionally, percentage points will be awarded based on efforts, enabling buildings to increase their energy reduction percentage or decrease another building’s reduction percentage.

The winner will be announced at the quarterly Energy Management Steering Group briefing and will earn a trophy, bragging rights and increase opportunity for funds to be applied to other operational needs.

The campaign was designed to place Air Force personnel at the center.

“Our aim is to inspire you to increase energy savings and to help you recognize how you can contribute to the Air Force and Department of Defense conservation goals,” said Irshid.

Every Airman is charged to make energy a consideration in all we do, he added. Individuals must take the lead in water and energy conservation because not only is it environmentally responsible it can save Schriever, the Air Force and DOD valuable money.

“That makes cents,” Irshid said.

During the next few weeks, please keep an eye out for emails and base bulletins for Biggest Energy Reducer and tips everyone can apply to both work and home environments. Although October is the official Energy Action Month, the goal is for efforts to continue long after October has ended.

If you have any questions, suggestions or comments, contact the Energy Team at

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