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50 SW Passes with Flying Colors

AFG-060519-019By Senior Airman Naomi Griego

50th Space Wing Public Affairs

In a scorecard covered in blue (Highly Effective) and green (Effective), the Masters of Space celebrated a very successful first unit effectiveness inspection. The wing learned of its success and overall score of “Effective” during an outbrief Tuesday at Schriever Air Force Base, Colorado.

From Oct. 19-28, the Air Force Space Command Inspector General team evaluated the men and women of the 50th Space Wing on four major graded areas.

And the results proved to be a success.

“You hit a grand slam,” said Col. Bill Liquori, 50th Space Wing commander, as he addressed the wing. “Congratulations. Thank you for what you do.”

The wing received a “Highly Effective” rating on managing its resources, while each of the other three major graded areas — improving the unit, leading people and executing the mission — received an “Effective” rating. The final score card reflected 16 of 28 graded subcategories as “Highly Effective.”

Roland Nyberg, Air Force Space Command deputy inspector general, had warm words to share with Team Schriever on behalf of Gen. John E. Hyten, commander of Air Force Space Command.

“I’d like to congratulate the men and women of the 50th Space Wing for successfully completing your first unit effectiveness inspection,” said Nyberg. “Without question, you did a great job. And the evidence lies within the recognition and results of the inspection.”

Nyberg praised the wing for its success in executing the 50 SW Commanders Inspection Program.

“It is a tribute to the professionalism, hard work and dedication to the mission of the 50th Space Wing,” added Nyberg. “There were 52 professional performers and 27 professional teams. I’ve never seen a unit receive that much recognition for an inspection ever.”

Despite the challenges faced with the new inspection program, the base met and exceeded all expectations Nyberg said.

“My hat is off to each and every one of you,” he said. “The challenge lies now in continuing the momentum. And continue to build on the self-assessment programs within the wing.”

He also added the 50 SW CCIP is the most mature program his team has seen to date. Along with the accolades for the wing, Nyberg added some advice for the future.

“Keep the foot to the pedal and keep working hard,” he advised. “And you’ll be in great shape for the next inspection.”

The IG team thanked Liquori, Chief Master Sgt. Lavon Coles, 50 SW command chief, and the men and women of the 50 SW for the hospitality they provided to the inspection team during the last nine days.

“Thanks for a job well done and kudos for an outstanding performance.” Nyberg concluded.

The inspection team indicated the wing’s scores in several MGAs were some of the highest they’ve seen since the beginning of the new Air Force Inspection System.

“You have put in a lot of work but not in preparation for the inspection but rather, in getting the self-assessment programs up and running,” said Liquori.

Liquori reiterated the new inspection system would’ve fallen flat if it wasn’t for the people here executing it.

Liquori concluded the event by saying, “Mission accomplished. Job well done, team.”

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