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Enjoy life

Commentary by Maj. Justin Long

50th Force Support Squadron commander

If you haven’t already figured it out, the men and women of Schriever Air Force Base are among the luckiest in the Air Force and arguably the world. We get the pleasure of living, working and playing in what I believe is the most amazing place on earth. Colorado has something to offer to pretty much everyone. However, we often times get caught up in work and forget to enjoy life. I recently read an article by Hannah Braime that offered a few ideas to help remind us that we sometimes need to slow down and enjoy life.

First, don’t forget to focus on yourself. We often spend all of our energy trying to please someone else like our supervisor or commander and we forget to take some time for ourselves. With this, we must also remember to make time to relax. Everyone has a different method or activity that helps them relax. I challenge you to take time for yourself and find ways to relax. This will allow us to return to our busy lives energized and more capable to deal with the challenges we will most definitely face.

Next, find ways to nurture your positive relationships. Identify the people in your life who are positive influences and lift you up, then find ways to stay connected to those people. Find ways to “pass it on” and give back. All of us can remember a time when someone went out of their way to take care of us. There can be deep joy found in passing along those acts of kindness, especially when the recipient is not expecting it at all. Don’t forget to celebrate your wins. In a world that is so obsessed with moving from one accomplishment to the next, we must remember to take time to celebrate the things that go well. This is important to do no matter how big or small the victory may seem.

Lastly, get outside and get active. As I mentioned in the beginning, there are few places in the world that are as beautiful and with as much to offer as Colorado. Whether you have lived here your whole life or you will only be stationed here for few years, I am certain you will find something in Colorado that is a new and greatly rewarding experience. It is proven that being outdoors is good for the human body. Experiencing the elements heightens our senses, and the sunshine (when properly protected by sunscreen) can provide a good dose of Vitamin D. Plus, there are few places left in the world with fresh air like you will find at the peak of a 14,000-foot mountain. It’s a known fact that being active releases endorphins and natural stress-busting chemicals that do a body good.

In closing, don’t let your life flash before your eyes because you are too busy. Take time to focus on yourself, relax, identify the positive influences, give back, celebrate your wins and get outside. Life is too short not to live it.

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