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Schriever welcomes new health pro

By Scott Prater

Schriever Sentinel

Kathleen Kossler arrived at Schriever Air Force Base this month with a unique set of skills and knowledge.

The former enlisted Airman and officer has spent the better part of the last decade formulating a résumé that seems to fit perfectly with the job she’s assuming on Colorado’s eastern plains: health promotion coordinator.

“Kathleen is providing a much-needed and valuable role at Schriever,” said Jena Bienia, Schriever’s Community Support Coordinator. “We now have a professional who can support the physical pillar of the Comprehensive Airman Fitness program for the base and the community.”

Kossler, began her Air Force career as a computer technician for Airborne Warning and Control System aircraft, but then transitioned into the service’s officer corps after earning a biology degree.

After several years as a personnel officer, she exited the Air Force and worked as a nurse at an elementary school at Misawa Air Base, Japan.

“I’ve been an Air Force spouse since 2005,” she said. “My husband is an active-duty engineer at Peterson Air Force Base. Fortunately the timing worked out. Schriever needed a health promotion coordinator as we were transitioning to Colorado.”

As an Airman, mother and spouse, Kossler has intimate knowledge of the types of people she’ll be working to support in her newly assigned role.

As a health promotion coordinator, she’ll also be a primary leader in Schriever’s integrated delivery system and community action information board, organizations that provide critical support for Airmen and consultation to base leadership, such as chaplains, family advocacy, Airman and Family Readiness Center and sexual assault Response Coordinator.

“Per Air Force Instruction, 50 percent of my job is to provide community outreach for the families of Airmen,” she said. “I’m extremely excited to begin promoting health, fitness and nutrition, but it’s especially exciting to know that I’ll be initiating health programs and tailoring them to the needs of the base.”

In her new role, Kossler will evaluate data obtained from the base’s medical clinic and IDS organizations about the Schriever community and use that information to drive her future actions.

“I’ll assess our community’s needs and begin teaching classes, for example, to address those needs,” she said. “We’ll track fitness assessments and begin hosting Be-Well classes, which are designed to help Airmen who struggle with fitness tests. But our future curriculum will depend on the base’s specific needs.”

Meanwhile, Bienia remains focused on the benefits Kossler will provide on a larger scale.

“I’m looking forward to her involvement in support of the men and women in our community,” Bienia said. “She’ll be leading Schriever’s health outreach and she’ll play a significant role in implementing the community action plan that the IDS members and base leadership have developed. Perhaps more importantly, the IDS promotes collaboration among helping agencies and having her here adds another dimension to that collaboration.”

Kossler has set up shop inside the Schriever Medical Clinic for now, but will be moving to a more permanent location base in the near future.

For more information regarding health related programs or to reach her, call the 567-4292.

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