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Bonfils holds blood drive

By Senior Airman Tiffany DeNault

21st Space Wing Public Affairs

PETERSON AIR FORCE BASE, Colo.    There are men, women, children, and members of our armed forces who need blood transfusions. Want to help them? Then give them a hand    or actually give them some of your blood.

On Jan. 20, members from Bonfils Blood Center set up shop at The Club for Team Pete members to donate their blood.

With a goal of 36 donations there were actually 38 donations, and 44 donations at the event in November with a goal of 34 donations. Bonfils Blood Center is one of few centers who also will donate a portion of the blood units to military hospitals for armed forces service members.

1st. Lt. Steven Butcher is Team Pete’s primary base blood program officer. He approves all blood drives for Team Pete. Butcher started volunteering with Bonfils approximately two years ago as a liaison between the company and the base.

“I really enjoy volunteering with the company and would like to see more people donate blood,” said Butcher. “Especially since our service members down range might need the blood we donate.”

One unit of blood has the potential of saving and benefiting up to three people, possibly three service members.

Everyone has a reason for donating their blood, whether it is to give back to the community and armed forces or just because they are eligible and want to. For Airman 1st Class Andrea Canas, 21st Dental Squadron, her donation was for personal reasons.

“I donate every time I can because I have seen firsthand how important a blood donation is,” said Canas. “My sister had an accident and needed blood, but we are not the same blood type so I wasn’t able to help her, but donations of all blood types are very important.”

The most recent drive was Canas’ seventh time donating blood in her Air Force career. Traveling to certain countries in the world for a certain period of time may disqualify someone from donating their blood but there are other ways to contribute to the cause; participate in a Bonfils Blood Center event, host a blood drive or simply give a money donation.

Bonfils Blood Center will hold another drive March 18. If your unit is interested in hosting a blood drive, contact Butcher

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