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Diversity day to bring big changes

U.S. Air Force graphic/Christie Blake This year’s Schriever Air Force Base Diversity Day will take place Aug. 18, 2017.
(U.S. Air Force graphic/Christie Blake) This year’s Schriever Air Force Base Diversity Day will take place Aug. 18, 2017.

By 2nd Lt. Scarlett Rodriguez

50th Space Wing Public Affairs

Team Schriever and their families will have the opportunity to learn about and enjoy showcased cultures, and for the first time, the specialty talents of Schriever Airmen for Diversity Day, Aug. 18.

Ed Vaughn, 50th Space Wing Equal Opportunity director, has been watching and working on the growth of the Diversity Day program since it’s inception in 2008.

“There’s definitely been an evolution of the program,” Vaughn said. “But it’s at its best now.”

Each year, the program has had variants in performances and representation, coordinated to best speak to Schriever audiences, and this year is no exception.

“We’re trying to expand (the program) to diversity in a broader term,” said Zachary Probasco, Human Resources specialist. “In addition to doing all the cultural stuff, we’ve tried to open it up to show what unique talents people here at Schriever have.

“It’s easy to hear about that stuff and dismiss it because it’s separate from what we do here in the military,” he continued. “But when ‘Airman Jones’ teaches a certain class about something and you have a face to put with it, it makes it more personal and real.”

Another way this year’s Diversity Day is changing to fit the needs of Schriever members and their families is by formatting events, games, food and classes showcased.

“There’s going to be a (sheet) that goes out to the base for everyone to sign-up for classes,” Probasco said.

There are about 15 classes available, all scheduled to start 9:30 a.m. and slotted to take place over two hours.

“Everybody is going to disperse to their classes, and then we’re going to reconvene around lunch time over in the IRT (Indoor Running Track) to enjoy booths, food and a bunch of other stuff,” Probasco said.

Approximately 10-12 booths will be manned with representatives, along with food samples associated with that culture. Some of the represented cultures will include Japanese, Brazilian, West African, Puerto Rican and Filipino, with much more to see and learn.

“It’s a great outreach opportunity for us to stay connected, for Schriever to stay connected with the community,” Vaughn said. “As well as base housing folks to be able to come out and experience what their military members are actually learning and experiencing as well.”

Vaughn and Probasco want as many people to attend as possible, believing there to be something for each and every person to learn, enjoy and apply to life.

“If you know about the cultures that are out there, it doesn’t just benefit you, it benefits everyone around you,” Vaughn said.

If you would like to participate or volunteer, or have questions about the event, contact Capt. Kara Jarvis at 567-4667.

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