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Condor Crest comes to Peterson

By 21st Space Wing Staff Agencies

21st Space Wing 

During the week of November 6-9, several events took place across the 21st Space Wing, Peterson Air Force Base, Colorado to keep Airmen ready for any circumstance.  Events included Shelter-In-Place, lockdown, active shooter, bomb explosions, child abduction, a mass casualty event and more.

Condor Crest is a bi-annual readiness exercise designed to test the capabilities of the men and women of the Wing. The exercise occurs twice a year.

Condor Crest was planned by the 21st Space Wing Inspector General office in conjunction with leadership and unit Wing Inspection Team members. Planning began in August, 2017 with members assigned to Peterson AFB, Cheyenne Mountain Air Force Station, mission partners, and geographically separated units around the world.  Events were designed to test the capabilities of those assigned to the wing with real-world scenarios to match the current and emerging threats that face our nation.  There were four main scenarios in as many days, designed to put emergency responders and leadership to the test.

In the past, the majority of the base was off limits when it came to exercises. For the first time, the CDC played a vital role in planning and playing in this level of exercise. Direction from wing leadership is units assigned to Peterson AFB (with the exception of a few select services) will be fully engaged during the exercise scenarios. While leadership understands there may be inconveniences, these do not outweigh the benefits of the invaluable training of installation personnel. Condor Crest is Peterson’s execution of the “train like you fight mentality” in the Air Force today.

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