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New Boston showcases emergency readiness

By Staff Sgt. Matthew Coleman-Foster

50th Space Wing Public Affairs

NEW BOSTON AIR FORCE STATION, N.H. — The 23rd Space Operations Squadron’s personnel and first responders raced to neutralize a simulated active shooter threat for an inspection and short sprint exercise at New Boston Air Force Station, New Hampshire, April 10.

Airmen on the installation exhibited their professional response to the simulated emergency and quick acclimation to active shooter lockdown protocols.

“This is a great opportunity  to conduct an exercise in conjunction with an inspection,” said Tech. Sgt. Martin Howard, section chief of wing exercises with the 50th Space Wing Inspector General’s Office.

Security forces personnel were able to gain control of the simulated active shooter in a short amount of time to secure the site.

“The exercise portion of our visit was important,” said Capt. Joseph Villalpando, wing exercise program manager with the 50th Space Wing IG. “New Boston AFS is in a class of its own when you are talking about geographically separated units. They don’t fall under another base for exercises like our other GSUs, they are responsible for conducting their own exercises.”

According to Howard, the responders expertly handled the simulated incident.

“The responders had great communication and tactics when showing up on scene to clear the threat out,” he said.

“This was a great opportunity for all involved,” Howard said. “Even though the 23rd SOPS is located in New Hampshire, they are a part of our team. Being able to come out here and test their capabilities and see what they can do reinforces the standard.

Both Villalpando and Howard praised New Boston AFS for their appropriate response in the exercise.

“The people inside Building 100 responded the way they were supposed to, the other buildings on the installation responded accordingly and their security forces knocked it out of the park,” Howard said.

The experiences from this exercise will strengthen the wing and influence the next round of exercises planned for this year.

New Boston showcases emergency readiness
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