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Advanced Space Operations School redesignated 319th CTS

By 2nd Lt. Kristen Shimkus

Air Force Space Command

PETERSON AIR FORCE BASE, Colo. — Air Force Space Command re-designated the Advanced Space Operations School as the 319th Combat Training Squadron during a ceremony August 28, 2018, at the Moorman Space Education and Training Center, Peterson Air Force Base, Colorado.

The re-designation as a CTS normalizes the squadron with the Air Force’s 16 other combat training squadrons that have similar training missions. The unit will refocus the advanced training to prepare space professionals for exercises such as SPACE FLAG and real-world operations in an increasingly contested space domain.

“We will stay ahead of our foes via unending evolution by exploiting our intellectual capital and innovative nature, and the 319th Combat Training Squadron is the heart of that,” said Brig. Gen. DeAnna Burt, AFSPC director of operations and communications. Burt continued by stressing the importance of the 319th to keep us on the path of space superiority.

The 319th CTS was first established in 2001 as the Space Operations School after an identified need for better space cadre training. Today, the organization is known for its ability to rapidly adapt to an ever-evolving domain to develop space warfighters.

“We are the 319th Combat Training Squadron, and the knowledge we impart is the guarantor of our nation’s dominance of the space domain now and into the future,” said Lt. Col. Paul Contoveros, commander of the 319th CTS.

Anyone with adequate justification can register for a course. There are no registration or textbook fees for any of the 18 courses, both online and in residence, that are currently offered by the squadron.

The 319th CTS re-designation marks the continued evolution of advanced space training and symbolizes the organization’s dedication to providing higher-fidelity training, which is key to preparing space professionals to operate in a contested warfighting domain.

For more information visit the squadron website:

Advanced Space Operations School redesignated 319th CTS
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