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Why I wear the uniform

By Airman 1st Class
Xayvion Kenion

50th Security Forces Squadron

SCHRIEVER AIR FORCE BASE, Colo. — So far, I’ve pushed so hard through the adversity I have been dealt in my life. People always ask me, why?

When I was in Basic Military Training at a rough point, I asked myself why?

During security forces technical school when I was close to a breaking point, I asked myself why?

The question they asked me, and I ask myself, whenever things get challenging is why I joined. The fact is, patriotism runs deep in my family. We have soldiers, pilots, special forces and various other fields. It felt honorable to follow suit while still doing what I felt fit me.

My goal in joining was to find my personal point of failure and to find the strength within myself to take one more step when I didn’t think another step was possible. To prove to many of those in my life I can do more than work a simple 9 to 5 and go home.

When people join the Air force, it is known there are jokes made. They do not understand how much courage it truly takes to be a part of that one percent. Specifically, the path I chose in my eyes is one of the most noble and unappreciated jobs: defender.

On top of that, we work long days and long nights to protect every single person and property on base. This doesn’t include the first to answer the call when the world needs saving.

I wear the uniform because I want to. I’m not looking specifically for a thank you, any awards or appreciation at all. I joined to know I’m protecting and watching over my brothers and sisters in arms, my family, my country and even others who do not call America home. Putting smiles on the faces of those in need or those in danger is a big part of it too.

I joined knowing there might be a day I will have to sacrifice my life for those next to me, at home and even those who may not know me. I am proud to do that for every American, or a nation we are protecting. Being able to do what I’m doing or what I may have to do in the name of those before us is why I wear the uniform with pride.

It’s easy to join and put this uniform on. It’s easy to show up to work or physical therapy, to go about your day and start your shift. It’s easy to work that shift just enough and then go home when it’s time to clock out. It’s a completely different ballgame when you are willing to go that extra mile and that is the deciding factor. I may be given the title of Airman after a coin ceremony but that is only a start. That title must be kept close to your heart and soul. I will expend every drop of blood, sweat and tears until I have nothing left, even if I end up ends in making the ultimate sacrifice. I will do it with the utmost valor. That is a true Airman and that is why I wear the uniform.

Why I wear the uniform
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