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EACH hosts town hall for clinic closure

By Alexandra Shea

U.S. Army Medical Department Activity-Fort Carson

FORT CARSON, Colo. — Evans Army Community Hospital (EACH) Commander Col. Eric S. Edwards hosted a town hall in Colorado Springs Jan. 25, 2019, regarding the closures of Mountain Post Medical Home (MPMH). Beneficiaries were invited to attend and ask the commander questions about their future health care directly.

The MPMH, at 565 Space Center Drive, is scheduled to close later this year. The lease for the building the clinic resides in is expiring and a new contract couldn’t be negotiated.

“The intent here is to move the patients along with the medical team they’ve come to trust together,” said Edwards. “So it’s really just a change in location, not a change in benefits.”

Both clinics’ medical teams and assigned beneficiaries will soon be consolidated into the Iron Horse Family Medicine Clinic at EACH on Fort Carson as soon as April 2019.

While beneficiaries will relocate their health care to Fort Carson, they will be gaining additional and expanded services that were previously unavailable, said Edwards. Beneficiaries will soon have access to clinics and services within them, such as physical therapy, gastroenterology and internal medicine clinic.

Access to expanded services such as multiple pharmacies, laboratory services with quicker turn-around times, and expanded radiology services will also be available, all in the same location.

“I’m always an optimist,” said Edwards. “I see this as an opportunity to optimize the health care for those that we serve by collocating our resources.”

For beneficiaries living and working outside of Colorado Springs, Edwards ensured they would have an opportunity to enroll in clinics such as Peterson Air Force Base or the U.S. Air Force Academy to reduce travel time to attend appointments based on availability.

“All beneficiaries that are impacted by this closure will receive a letter of instruction,” said Edwards. “It will tell them how to opt-in to staying in the military health care system and who to call.”

Each beneficiary was given a handout containing a list of important phone numbers for Health Net Federal Service, EACH Patient Advocate and even the commander’s own office number. All were encouraged to call for further information or to voice concerns.

As the town hall came to a close, Edwards took the time to address each attendee in person and answered any remaining questions.

EACH hosts town hall for clinic closure
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