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50th SFS Stan/Eval keeps quality in check

By Staff Sgt. Matthew Coleman-Foster
50th Space Wing Public Affairs

SCHRIEVER AIR FORCE BASE, Colo. — To advance Air Force Leadership’s “Year of the Defender,” the 50th Security Forces Squadron’s, Standardization and Evaluation flight maintains the effectiveness and standards of Airmen protecting personnel and assets on the installation.

The flight’s evaluations determine a Defender’s knowledge of their mission, while reviewing methods in place to identify future change and innovation.

“As Security Forces members, we are required to conduct annual evaluations for duty positions whether it’s a patrolman, an entry controller at the gate, area supervisors or base defense operations center,” said Staff Sgt. Chances Dobbins, 50th SFS evaluator. “We conduct tests, make sure practical skills are up to par and ensure defenders don’t forget job knowledge and become complacent.”

According to Tech. Sgt. Jason Kadisak, 50th SFS standards and evaluation noncommissioned officer in charge, standardizations and evaluation shares a role with the training flight, but the operations they conduct are slightly different.

“Training flight trains individuals as they come into the squadron and conduct monthly training, whereas our training is an evaluation normally on an annual basis of core task for their specific duty title,” he said.

An average day for the standardizations and evaluation flight can vary due to the team’s requirements.

“We have ups and downs,” Dobbins said. “Since the requirements are usually annual it depends on the personnel and when they came in. For instance, we are 15 days into the month of April and we have conducted 12 quality controls and last month we did 10 total. It also depends on if the certifications needed are considered critical or non-critical.”

When 50th SFS Airmen have an opportunity to go into a new duty position, their flight chief contacts the flight to notify them. Then the defender going for the position has a set amount of days to become proficient with their materials and practical application for the position.

“Once their time frame to prepare is up, we have them come to our section where we conduct a verbal testing portion,” Dobbins said. “From there, we go to a location suitable to the evaluation for the hands-on portion.”

Practical evaluations are rated as go/no go, and if a no go is given then there is remedial training and a retake. Verbal testing require least 80 percent to pass.

The flight also handles the commander’s inspection program and supports of the wing inspection team.

“Everything comes and goes for us depending on the time of year,” Dobbins said.

Kadisak said the job is very rewarding and one of his favorite parts of being in the flight is interacting with his Airmen.

“I get to work directly with my Airmen and see where they are at and need to be,” he said. “I get to teach them and bring them up to speed on everything behind the scenes.”

Senior Airman Cody Bilger, 50th SFS evaluator, appreciates the big picture.

“I like being able to see how it works on the back-end,” he said. “It is different from taking a duty evaluation when you are on flight. I am now experiencing running the duty position evaluation on another individual. You get to see the whole picture.”

This article is the third part of a series highlighting the 50th Security Force Squadron flights. See future issues on for more information.

50th SFS Stan/Eval keeps quality in check
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