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Hall: Why I wear the uniform

By Airman 1st Class Kevin Hall

50th Security Forces Squadron

SCHRIEVER AIR FORCE BASE, Colo. — Why do you wear the uniform? This question can have an infinite number of answers depending on the person you are asking. I wear this uniform for several different reasons. The main reason I rose my right hand, swore an oath and joined the small percent of the population willing to serve is because I have always wanted a career that gave me a sense of purpose.

After graduating high school in 2011, I earned my associate’s degree in business management. At the time I had thought I wanted to own a business, and that doing so would bring me the sense of purpose I sought. After working in management at a few locations and observing business owners, I realized this path wasn’t for me. I decided to become a real estate agent, a profession I had been told was very fulfilling. However, since I am writing this essay, it is pretty obvious I didn’t feel the same way. One day while sitting in my office, I started reading a book that opened my eyes to a whole new option. The book is titled “Make Your Bed: Little Things That Can Change Your Life and Maybe the World” by Admiral William H. McRaven. After reading this book, I started to really think about what was important to me in life.

I had always had enormous respect for the men and women of the armed forces, but I had never seriously considered putting on those boots myself. That book made me stop and think about the reasons I had so much respect for the men and women who serve. Once I realized why I did, I knew this was the path I needed to take.

In order to put on this uniform, you have to be willing to sacrifice a lot of things, including your own life. Putting on this uniform means giving up the life you’ve always known and accepting the possibility of being sent away from your friends and family. It means committing years of your life to the Air Force and whatever it needs in order to accomplish the mission. One of the things that can come from all these personal sacrifices is purpose, which leads to fulfillment. There is purpose in every mission we are given, whether it is to protect our country or other innocent people incapable of shielding themselves from evil. That is something I am proud to be a part of. I have finally found the purpose and fulfillment I had been searching for, and I look forward to my future wearing this uniform.

Hall: Why I wear the uniform
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