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7 SWS Early Warning Radar

Cameron S. Hunt | 21st Space Wing Public Affairs

PETERSON AIR FORCE BASE, Colo. — The 7th Space Warning Squadron, home of the bandits, Beale Air Force Base, California, has a long-standing history of excellence in early missile warning detection and deterrence. In the 1980s, the original 7th Missile Warning Squadron under Air Force Space Command, transitioned to the 7th SWS under the 21st Space Wing and has held the mission of missile warning, missile defense, space situational awareness, and deterrence in defense of the U.S. and its allies.

To better execute this mission, 7th SWS is refreshing aging technology to increase performance and decrease the physical footprint by reducing the number of server racks.

The UEWR Gen II will increase the computer processing power and replace obsolete equipment, enabling increased mission readiness, not just at 7th SWS, but across the Ground Based Radar Network. Five sites await implementation of this enhancement; two of which will be new additions to the missile defense detection network able to join the missile defense mission for the first time.

Construction has been completed and the revised system is expected to be fully operational at Beale Air Force Base by the end of 2019.

“This system is a great improvement over the previous one, and it has finally come to fruition,” said 1st Lt. Joshua Haneline, 7th Space Warning Squadron, Mission Assurance Deputy Flight Commander. “This project has been a monumental undertaking, so we are really excited to fully implement the system and utilize its anticipated benefits.”

The improved system works in tandem with other ground, air, satellite, and shipboard early warning detection systems feeding the global array used to track, triangulate and ultimately intercept hostile missile threats.

The radars at Clear Air Force Station, Alaska and Cape Cod Air Force Station, Massachusetts will add missile defense to their mission platforms adding to the already formidable radar detection and tracking capabilities.

“As we move forward with this weapon system enhancement, 7th SWS stands ready to be the first radar to take advantage of the increased processing power and improved sustainability that the upgrade provides,” said Lt. Col. Charles Sandusky, 7th SWS commander. “Our mission is to provide flawless missile warning, missile defense, and space surveillance. This improvement ensures our space warfighters are able to do this now and well into the future.”

7 SWS Early Warning Radar
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