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50th SFS hones craft in FTX

By Staff Sgt. Matthew Coleman-Foster | 50th Space Wing Public Affairs

SCHRIEVER AIR FORCE BASE, Colo. — The 50th Security Forces Squadron conducted a field training exercise at Schriever Air Force Base, Colorado, July 20, to test and enhance their readiness and response ensuring they remain fit and professional in their craft.

The FTX which consisting of a simulated gate crash, a series of active shooter scenarios throughout the base and a squadron recall to test their mobilization.

Capt. Robert Scholl, 50th SFS operations officer and FTX commander, said they have never done an exercise at this scale.

“We typically do training exercises with specific flights in the squadron,” he said. “This exercise was different because we wanted to integrate the entire squadron into training cohesively where we have everyone on the exact same page and able to perform seamless transitions in a response without training and tactics disparity between each flight working different shifts.”

Staff Sgt. Caleb Bunton, 50th SFS combat arms instructor, said the FTX gives the unit a guide on where their training efforts need to go.

“We have standard training from the Air Force Security Forces Center and we conduct training internally,” he said. “This FTX allows us to build upon our training plans we already have in place.”

Bunton said the most rewarding thing about the exercise was seeing everyone come together.

“With the time line we had for the exercise, seeing everyone together, being motivated and embracing the training was cool to see,” he said.

Scholl tied the importance of the event to the execution of their mission with an almost unfathomable degree of professionalism and skill.

“Being able to utilize these common buildings on the installation, especially when it comes to the DeKok Building and the 310th Space Wing Building gets us familiar with different workspaces on Schriever AFB,” he said. “In doing so, we can know what to expect as far as the layout of the building and the dynamics of exactly what it takes to clear them leading exactly into what we want, which is being proficient in immediately responding to an incident and going directly to the threat to be able to neutralize it and save our personnel on base.”

Scholl praised the efforts of the team responsible for putting the exercise together and said it took about a month of coordination to ensure time was used effectively and training was conducted safely.

“I think our training team, inspection team and standards and evaluation section put to together a great exercise, to be able to get a realistic training scenario going for our Defenders,” he said.

Scholl thanked the mission partners on the installation for their support.

“Using their workspaces was crucial in allowing us to go in and train ensuring we can respond and take care of whatever the threat may there may be, taking care of them and the base as a whole,” he said.

With the exercise the 50th SFS showcased their dedication to remaining sentinels of Schriever Air Force Base by remaining flexible in evolving, being unsurpassed professionals and lethal in their craft.

50th SFS hones craft in FTX
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