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MPs earn FORSCOM Eagle Award

By Spc. Robert Vicens | 14th Public Affairs Detachment

FORT CARSON, Colo. — Each year, U.S. Army Forces Command (FORSCOM) awards the best military police company, detachment, and canine detachment with the FORSCOM Eagle Award, which recognizes an

MP unit’s high readiness levels across a number of categories, including physical fitness, weapons proficiency and military and civilian education.

The 2018 FORSCOM Eagle Award for best company was presented to 127th Military Police Company, Aug. 6, 2019, at Fort Carson.

“You’re not just the best company in the 759th MP Battalion, not just the best MP company in the 89th MP Brigade, but you’re the best MP company in all of Forces Command,” said Col. Richard Ball, the 89th MP Brigade commander, addressing the Soldiers before presenting the company with the award.

Given that FORSCOM represents almost two-thirds of the Army’s combat ground forces, it was a challenge to win the award.

“The 127th MP Company showed how they came together to be ready in all regards: maintenance, communi­cations, supply, discipline,” Ball said. “It goes to the heart of disciplined organi­zations — disciplined organizations can master the basics; when they master the basics, there’s almost nothing they can’t accomplish.”

Soldiers were appreciative of the award, while acknowledging that recognition is not the only thing that motivates them.

“We try to be excellent all the time — it’s our job” said Sgt. Eric Osorio, an MP with the 127th MP company. “We’re not really expecting to be rewarded.”

The company’s leadership believes it is this internal drive for excellence that motivates the Soldiers.

“There are a lot of individual achievements that collectively add up and go to show how great this company really is,” said 1st Sgt. Glenn Desimon, 127th MP Company.

As an example, Desimon mentioned the upcoming 78th Military Police Competitive Challenge taking place later this year at Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri, where three Soldiers from the company will represent both the battalion and Fort Carson in a competition against the entire MP Corps.

“We won the (FORSCOM Eagle) award for what we did last year, but we want to win it again for what we do this year,” Desimon said. “We’re just out here trying to get better doing what we do every single day.”

MPs earn FORSCOM Eagle Award
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