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Schriever single CGOs connect, build resiliency at chaplain’s office retreat

By 2nd Lt. Idalí Beltré Acevedo | 50th Space Wing Public Affairs

BRECKENRIDGE, Colo. — The 50th Space Wing chaplain’s office hosted a single company grade officer’s resiliency retreat, “Single and Secure,” for Schriever Airmen at Breckenridge, Colorado, Aug. 9-11.

During the retreat, Airmen discussed modern day dating and marriage and learned about their own personality traits by completing self-assessments based on the Myers-Briggs and the Riso-Hudson Enneagram Type Indicator tests.

The single CGOs also explored Breckenridge together and built on newly formed friendships.

Capt. Jordan Huggins, 50th Space Wing chaplain, highlighted the sense of loneliness single Airmen can feel and explained how the retreat can help.

“We try to provide an opportunity for people to blow off some steam,” he said. “We give them a place to stay, connect and build relationships, and give them ample time to take advantage of the outdoor activities available at Breckenridge.”

Huggins emphasized even though this retreat is offered by the chaplain corps, no particular religion was highlighted or emphasized to keep the lessons practical and neutral.

“It’s through the chaplain corps so there is an element of faith we try to build into it, but we try to develop the curriculum so it’s applicable to all faiths or lack thereof.”

For Huggins, this retreat not only helped build morale and resiliency but also enriched the spirit and personal well-being of Airmen.

“Studies show the more connected you are socially, the happier and more productive at work you tend to be and that’s part of the reason why we are here,” he said.

For 2nd Lt. Eries Thompson, 4th Space Operations Squadron satellite operator, the retreat was a chance to gain a new perspective on being a single military member.

“I enjoyed meeting new people and building new connections,” she said. “Everyone had a different perception or experience I could relate to or something I could maybe apply to my personal life.”

First Lt. Richard Wright, 22nd Space Operations Squadron crew commander, said the retreat helped him build his resiliency and morale.

“The self-care portion of it was like a reset button,” he said. “I felt reassured about the path I am on and looking forward.”

Wright highlighted how the chaplain’s office has helped him in the past.

“The Schriever chaplain corps is an incredible group. I love to work with them and I know I can stop by any time. I feel reassured when I go and talk to them,” he said. “They have helped me find some solutions to issues I have had and I appreciate all the work that they put in for us.”

Huggins offered advice for Schriever’s single CGOs.

“Put yourself out there, be willing to be vulnerable, get to know people,” he said. “Be willing to say, ‘I need connections, I need a network, I need friends who can help me along in this journey we call life.’”

For further information about upcoming chaplain’s office events, call 719-567-3705.

Schriever single CGOs connect, build resiliency at chaplain’s office retreat
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