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50th SFS maintains base traffic regulations

By Staff Sgt. Matthew Coleman-Foster | 50th Space Wing Public Affairs

SCHRIEVER AIR FORCE BASE, Colo. — The 50th Security Forces Squadron is responsible for the defense and protection of the base from outsider threats, and for maintaining safety and well-being on the base.

One way 50th SFS Defenders do this is by upholding base safety and traffic regulations.

“As security forces, our main concern is enforcing rules and regulations put in place by the 50th Space Wing commander and the state of Colorado,” Staff Sgt. Montana Olier, 50th SFS desk sergeant, said

Speeding, registration

Olier said there are often misconceptions about speeding and vehicle registration rules on base.

“People will often speed up when they see a speed limit sign, but do not realize the speed limit actually starts at the sign, not before it,” Olier said. “In regards to vehicle registration, in Colorado you have 30 days from the date of expiration to renew your registration tags before being cited for noncompliance with state regulations.”

According to Olier, speeding and vehicle registration violations are the most common, but moving and non-moving violations also happen on base.

“[Common] moving violations are failure to stop and improper turns,” she said. “A few examples of a non-moving violation are failure to provide insurance and improper parking.”

Some other violations individuals may overlook is the use of earbuds or headphones when driving.

“The rules for driving with earbuds or headphones is a no-go,” Olier said. “In the State of Colorado, driving with headphones or both earbuds is illegal.”

Citations, fines

When someone receives a traffic citation, Olier said they have until the next duty day to report it to their supervisor. If a dependent receives the citation they must report it to their sponsor by the next duty day, and their sponsor will report it to his or her supervisor.

Staff Sgt. Brittinie Alvarez 50th SFS Reports and Analysis noncommissioned officer-in-charge said, the base has approximately 250 to 300 tickets annually and if a member wants to inquire about a citation issued for outdated license plate stickers, the member needs to show proof of insurance and license or registration.

“When an individual thinks they received a ticket in error, they can request a ticket rebuttal,” she said.

Though a fine is typically associated with an off-base citation, the citations issued on base are different.

“There are no monetary fines associated with citations on Schriever AFB,” Olier said.

“Instead, we adhere to a point system that can affect your base driving privileges.”

Field test, driving privileges

Olier said individuals need to remember when driving on base, they are giving consent to field sobriety tests and chemical tests to determine impairment.

“Should a driver refuse to submit to testing when an officer has reasonable suspicion the driver is under the influence, the driver risks automatic license suspension along with the possibility of further penalties,” she said.

When a suspension occurs, the individual temporarily loses driving privileges on base for a given number of days. A revocation of driving privileges is different.

“A revocation is a mandatory restraint on a valid driver’s license or driving privileges. If this happens, you will no longer be able to drive on the installation, indefinitely,” she continued.

Although 50th SFS Defenders are the individuals who conduct the stops and give citations, everyone should remember to be sensitive and courteous to one another, Olier said.

“We all have a part in keeping our community safe by making sure we follow the safety rules in place, as well as, Colorado traffic laws,” she said.

For more information on base traffic regulations contact the 50th SFS Reports and Analysis office at 719-567-3900.

50th SFS maintains base traffic regulations
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