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527th Space Aggressor Squadron bids farewell to Army counterpart

By Staff Sgt. Matthew Coleman-Foster | 50th Space Wing Public Affairs

SCHRIEVER AIR FORCE BASE, Colo. — The 527th Space Aggressor Squadron bid farewell to their joint mission partners, 4th Space Company Detachment 4, 1st Space Battalion, 1st Space Brigade, during an end-of-mission ceremony at the 527th SAS barn, Schriever Air Force Base, Colorado, Sept. 27, 2019.

According to Lt. Col. Jason Adams, 527th SAS commander, the ceremony marked the end of a three-year partnership between the squadron and battalion supporting the space mission, in which they had approximately 15 soldiers attached.

“This ceremony is our way of celebrating the partnership we have,” he said. “While it is hard to tell what the future holds, we will continue to develop [our partnership].”

Adams said, the partnership ended due to the Army unit’s training pipeline shortening, enabling Soldiers to get into their training faster and spoke to how the partnership ending would impact his squadron.

“This change will lead our unit to have to prioritize the exercises supported throughout the year, as the demand to support them has increased,” Adams said. “The usual waiting time before was a little longer than a year, but now their timeline has significantly decreased.”

Lt. Col. Mark Cobos, 1st Space Battalion commander, said the 527th SAS partnership shepherded, trained and employed several of the 1st Space Bn. Soldiers, to help increase their space warfighting skillset.

“[527th SAS] has some unique expertise and capabilities that allow our Soldiers to understand the electromagnetic environment and the conditions under which [Soldiers] will employ their Army space capabilities,” Cobos said.

The 527th SAS prepares joint and coalition forces by teaching them to replicate GPS and electronic space threats in two skillsets: adversary threat academics and area threat replication.

Cobos added, his battalion has opportunities to bring [527th SAS] into some of their space training to enhance understanding and visualization of some ways land forces employ and require space support and capabilities.

“With the establishment of the United States Space Command as a geographic combatant command we have a responsibility to increase our partnership and ensure that we share lessons learned and insights into our activities at a much higher level than we historically have,” Cobos said.

Adams said the 1st Space Bn. already invited 527th SAS to a couple of events and live exercises at Fort Carson, Colorado.

“They’ve invited us to their 20th anniversary in December,” he said. “We are keeping the relationship open, we will keep the lines of communication open and see where it goes from there.”

527th Space Aggressor Squadron bids farewell to Army counterpart
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