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50th Logistic Readiness Flight optimizes building space

By Marcus Hill | 50th Space Wing Public Affairs

SCHRIEVER AIR FORCE BASE, Colo. — In years past at the 50th Logistic Readiness Flight, there was little space available for the team to operate in the way they expected.

After months of work in the building, the 50th LRF now has the capability to assist dozens of Airmen at once and safely move inventory to different places.

Paul Hight, 50th LRF mobility technician, is grateful for the improvements.

“Before, the bin rows used to look crowded and went all the way down,” Hight said. “We took every other row out to create a 12-foot working isle so that way we can safely get a fork lift in here and store bulk things.”

The process began in August and Hight said they’re about “98-99 percent done” with putting the rows together.

“We’re just tweaking little things now,” Hight said. “I’d say it took four months to get this to where it needed to be. Our bodies are feeling it.”

Richard Molina, 50th LRF mobility lead, said everyone in the group had input to improve the situation in the warehouse.

Whether it was heavy lifting or pitching ideas, each member played a vital role in the new appearance.

“I had ideas, he had ideas,” Molina said. “Orlando (Williams) had ideas. Everyone had ideas. It was an overall team effort.”

Their work has made an impact in several areas.

“We’re meeting a couple different things here. We’re meeting the wing’s mission of being mission ready,” Hight said. “Also, we’re Air Force Instruction guidance compliant. We make sure we’re in compliance with Air Force standards.”

That efficiency also improved the life of those who will be deployed.

Instead of needing to scour the warehouse for gear, it’s now in specific places and easier to access than in the past.

“We broke it down so that one row would be different accessories and then the bulk,” Molina said.

It’s also — depending on requirements of Airmen who are being deployed — no longer a tedious process. With items being labeled and placed in certain spots, it makes it easier to find the customer’s requirements.

“You can set up all your stuff on the line and as you the customer comes in, you have 50-60 people coming in in one wave,” Hight said. “You can outfit 60 people with just two or three people. You as the customer are also the owner of the bag and you need to know what’s in that bag. Now, we can get folks processed, deployed in a matter of a couple hours versus days depending on what you need.”

50th Logistic Readiness Flight optimizes building space
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