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AFSBn-Carson supports readiness, beyond

By Scott Prater, Mountaineer staff

FORT CARSON, Colo. — Anyone in the Army who has ordered logistics support, supplies, ammunition, fuel or maintenance requests is likely familiar with the Logistics Readiness Center (LRC) concept.

At Fort Carson, however, the LRC has fully merged with the Army Field Support Battalion-Carson (AFSBn-Carson).

The merge actually occurred in July 2018, but as Kurt Pounds, AFSBn-Carson, deputy commander, explained, the conversion and merging of the two organizations has been a lengthy and complex process.

“Our operations orders directed a very deliberate process,” Pounds said. “There were certain steps we had to take, bridled by principles and rules we had to follow for placement of all employees and facilities in both organizations, to create a new, dynamic footprint.”

Army Field Support Battalions across the Army fall under Army Sustainment Command (ASC), which in turn falls under Army Materiel Command (AMC).

Lt. Col. Jana Fajardo, commander, AFSBn-Carson, said creating a unity of command was a driving factor for ASC leaders when they decided to merge LRCs with AFSBns several years ago.

With the reorganization complete, Fajardo now views AFSBn-Carson as a quarterback for AMC.

“We’re charged with synchronizing and integrating all enterprise type assets and anything else above the tactical level, and then bringing that to the warfighter,” she said. “Very often, the folks who need our help the most don’t know what we do.”

If someone should have an issue with the Central Issue Facility or the railyard or Transportation Motor Pool, AFSBn-Carson is the organization to contact.

“Also, if anyone has issues with Tank-automotive and Armaments Command (TACOM), Communication-Electronics Command (CECOM), or Aviation and Missile Command (AMCOM), they should reach out to us as well, because we have operational control of those organizations on post,” Farjardo said.

AFSBn’s purview includes logistics operations, but the organization also assists in the readiness of the 4th Infantry Division and its subordinate units.

“Really, AFSBn-Carson operates on a regional basis,” Fajardo said. “We not only support Fort Carson but several military installations in the region. We even support the Colorado Department of Transportation with their avalanche mitigation efforts in the winter time. We are the coordinators of AMC.”

AFSBn-Carson supports readiness, beyond
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