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DEOMI products available for personal development

By DEOMI Public Affairs

PATRICK AIR FORCE BASE, FL. — The year 2020 has brought many new challenges to the Department of Defense with COVID-19.  But, this doesn’t mean you’re stuck at home with nothing to do.  DEOMI continues to support the Services with a variety of products that can still be accessed and used for personal development during this uncertain period.

DEOMI’s website, offers a variety of awareness and training items.  The Education and Training tab on the main menu provides access to ten E-Learning development modules at:   Additionally, the Human Relations Toolkit subtabs – Key Topics, Special Observances, Training Media, and Harassment Prevention tabs offer key information and materials for team and
individual development.

Finally, DEOMI’s Assessment to Solutions (A2S) area at: is also available.  A2S is equipped with a multitude of fact sheets, strategies, videos, training and facilitation guides, and other items (to include another access point to online courses), to support a multitude of climate areas. These products are all designed to increase individual awareness and assist commanders and Equal Opportunity professionals in maintaining or improving many climate needs.

Please visit our sites to learn more about what we have available to support you and your organizational needs.  DEOMI’s Product Guide, found at the bottom of our homepage at, will provide a direct link to many of our available items.  Download it to facilitate your access to our useful products.

DEOMI products available for personal development
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