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Falcon Top 3 recognize, mentor Airmen

By Airman 1st Class Amanda Lovelace | 50th Space Wing Public Affairs

SCHRIEVER AIR FORCE BASE, Colo. — The Falcon Top 3, a professional organization led by four senior noncommissioned officers at Schriever, holds monthly meetings open to all Schriever SNCOs to nominate Airmen for the Top 3 Performer of the Month award.

Master Sgt. Jeremy Campbell, 50th Civil Engineer Squadron superintendent of infrastructure and Falcon Top 3 president, said the award can be given to any Airman on the installation ranking from E-2 to E-6 who shows excellence in job performance.

Nominations are submitted at the Falcon Top 3 meetings by SNCOs who can submit an Airman for the award, even if they’re not in the same unit, squadron or work center.

“At the meeting, I’ll ask everyone in the crowd if they have any nominations for the Performer of the Month,” Campbell said. “I’ll take the nominee’s name and a brief summary of what they did, then after all the nominations are done, I’ll recap, and then we’ll do an in-person vote.”

Campbell said the award is based solely on work performance and there isn’t a specific formula they use to choose the recipient. The award winner receives a certificate, a coin and gets recognized in front of their co-workers by the Falcon Top 3 council.

“What I like about the award is, picture a senior airman or a staff sergeant, and the entire senior enlisted community on that base comes over and recognizes them for a job well done,” said Master Sgt. Edgar Bonilla, U.S. Air Force Warfare Center Detachment 1 superintendent and Falcon Top 3 treasurer. “That speaks volumes; that does something to that individual. If we can come together as leaders and do that, I think that’s amazing.”

Aside from discussing nominations for the monthly award at their meetings, the Falcon Top 3 council also talks about professional development opportunities and ideas they have for their Airmen’s growth.

The council is regularly involved in Schriever’s professional enhancement courses for noncommissioned officers and company grade officers.

Right now, the council is working with the base career assistance advisor to start up a monthly class. The topics they want to cover range from bullet writing to supervising effectively.

The group is also starting scenario-based training in which a classroom will be divided into small groups consisting of a couple of SNCOs paired with either staff sergeants or CGOs. A council member will then present a scenario to the groups, such as an Airman receiving a DUI or consistently being late for work.

Then, they’ll give the groups time to discuss and decide a course of action. After around 10-15 minutes, the council will then present a second scenario, or ‘curveball,’ that provokes a need for empathy or understanding. The groups are given more time to discuss before the council member brings them back together and debriefs.

“The goal is to teach the concept that no two instances are ever the same and blanket punishments not always the right answer,” Campbell said. “You have to take every decision individually.”

The Falcon Top 3 council also has a mentorship program which Airmen can sign up to be paired with an SNCO. Airmen who sign up take a personality test and are then hand-matched to an SNCO with similar ambitions, goals and personality.

The pair will then meet up face-to-face once a month and have at least one phone call a week to keep the door open for mentorship opportunities.

The normal window for the signup period was in March, but due to COVID-19, there were conflicts. The council is still deciding on how to proceed with the process.

“We provide opportunities to develop young Airmen, our CGOs and our NCO tier,” Bonilla said. “We’re also an organization that prides themselves on visibility, meaning we like to show up to base events and support. Many times we’re able to support it financially, but we also like to show up, help out and show that we can lead by example.”

The council sponsors the master sergeant and senior master sergeant releases, both the spring and fall Community College of the Air Force graduations and the senior noncommissioned officer induction.

With a primary goal of mentoring and developing Schriever Airmen, the Falcon Top 3 council continues to recognize hard work, show support and mold the next generation of Airmen.

Falcon Top 3 recognize, mentor Airmen
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