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615th ECC supports post, local community

4th Engineer Battalion

FORT CARSON, Colo. — People who drove by Soldiers in white and yellow hard hats operating construction equipment in August 2020, probably saw 615th Engineer Construction Company (ECC) Soldiers doing what they do best.

The 615th ECC, 4th Engineer Battalion, augments 4th Infantry Division units with additional engineer assets. During periods when they are not needed to support 4th Inf. Div., 615th ECC takes advantage of the summer months by carrying out various construction projects around post.

During the entire month of August 2020, 615th ECC repaired a two and a half mile long fire access road just south of Turkey Creek Recreational Area. The fire access road was no longer passible due to years of erosion, preventing quick and easy access of emergency vehicles to a critical location within the training areas in the event of a fire. The platoons ripped up the boulder-riddled road, added fill material, and reshaped the road to improve drainage and trafficability.

In early September 2020, 615th ECC’s vertical construction platoon repaired the “Belly Over” obstacle and dip bars at the 4th Inf. Div. obstacle course along Wetzel Avenue. Engineers from 4th Inf. Div. reached out to 615th ECC to see if the Soldiers could help out.

“Taking on this small project was a great opportunity to practice our carpentry skills and figure out how the obstacles were constructed since we will be building the Ivy Mile Obstacle Course here in a few months,” said 1st Lt. Nick DeCenzo, 3rd Platoon leader. Ivy Mile is a project where the company will construct 10 obstacles over the span of a mile in Training Area Bravo.

To cap off the summer, 615th ECC Soldiers volunteered across the Fort Carson and the local community by cleaning up parks, neighborhoods, and trails Sept. 11, 2020. Groups picked up a considerable amount of trash from Memorial Park, Monument Creek, Manitou Springs, Fountain Creek Park, and Navajo Village on Fort Carson.

“We always seem to be working on something, whether it be training, a construction project, or fixing a dozer,” said Capt. Jessica Coffey, company commander, 615th ECC. “Our Soldiers and leaders work hard and get the job done. Their efforts not only improve their skills but better our community, and I could not be more proud.”

615th ECC supports post, local community
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