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RNEC offers cyber security tips

Regional Network Enterprise Center Cyber Compliance & COMSEC

FORT CARSON, Colo. — October is National Cybersecurity Awareness Month, a campaign designed to increase readiness through improving awareness of cyber threats and incidents as well as their impact to Army missions.

The tips below can help personnel comply with cyber security requirements.

  • Make sure to remove common access cards (CAC) and SIPR tokens when stepping away from your computer.
  • Ensure all NIPR and SIPR computers, printers, digital senders, etc. in an area are marked with classification stickers. If stickers are needed, contact G2/S2.
  • Ensure shredder bags are no more than half full. Best practice is to have an NSA approved shredder in all spaces with classified printers
  • Label CDs/DVDs properly; Use a permanent marker, not a sticker
  • Shred CDs/DVDs when no longer needed. Classified CDs are not authorized to be stored anywhere but in a security container. Even if your area is approved for open storage of classified, CDs must be stored in a security container when not in use.
  • In areas with NIPR and SIPR, users must make sure that computers/printers/cables, etc. maintain correct separation distances:
  • Ensure users do not use personal electronic devices within 10 feet of active SIPRNet or classified processing equipment. This includes any approved DOD-issued mobile devices.
  • Ensure visitors are signed in, if required for the work area if you have a secure room or open storage area. Remember to ask visitors if they have electronics and ask that they be secured outside of your area. Use a DA Form1999 to sign in visitors.
  • Use a personally identifying information coversheet to protect Privacy Act Data. Store PII in a locked drawer/cabinet when not in use.
  • Each unit/element or section bears the responsibility to keep classified material to the minimum level needed to accomplish their respective missions.
  • Ensure security containers are closed whenever left unattended and checked as required for your area.
  • Ensure access rosters are signed and have current personnel listed.
  • Remember that classified material must always be under your direct control. If you are the last person to leave your area, do not leave classified materials unattended. Secure all classified material in a GSA approved security container and secure your PDS box/vault door as required.
  • Finally, ensure that everyone in your office knows and understands the security procedures for the area.
RNEC offers cyber security tips
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