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Space Delta 6 welcomes newest USSF Guardians

By 2nd Lt. Sean Carter | Peterson-Schriever Garrison

SCHRIEVER AIR FORCE BASE, Colo. — The U.S. Space Force has officially welcomed its newest batch of Guardians. Space Delta 6, headquartered at Schriever Air Force Base, officially transferred roughly 40 new Guardians into the service during a COVID-safe ceremony Feb. 3, 2021. While they may wear the same USSF uniform, the mission set of the Guardians of Space Delta 6 is a little different from the other eight Deltas. These Guardians are not just space warriors, but masters of the cyberspace domain.

Space Delta 6 executes cyber operations to protect space operations, networks and communications, in addition to operating the Air Force Satellite Control Network. Working day and night to ensure Space Delta 6’s success, members of the 61st Cyber Squadron, located at Schriever AFB, were among the many new Guardians to be brought under the USSF banner.

“It’s a mixture of excitement and pride,” said Sgt. Daniel Shanks, 61st CYS Infrastructure Watch Officer. “I have always had a passion for things space related, and knowing that I get the chance to work each day with something that has an impact on our country’s endeavors in that theatre is amazing.”

A change of this magnitude does not happen overnight. More often than not, the working pieces behind the scenes are set in motion months, even years in advance, and represent the total cumulative effort of hundreds of individuals. For Shanks, it represents a chance to build a new culture of excellence.

“The squadron has the opportunity to develop standards and procedures that affect not just the 61st [CYS] but all future USSF Cyberspace Squadrons,” Shanks said. “As for myself, my family has a history of military service, and I look forward to being the first member of the USSF in that legacy.”

The magnitude of serving as Guardians in the USSF’s first cyberspace operations-dedicated Delta was not lost on the newly transferred. Shanks urged all current and future Guardians to seize the path ahead and make the most of it.

“For anyone that is also transferring or planning on joining the USSF, I want to motivate them to take advantage of what this opportunity means. The last time this happened was with the Air Force in 1947 and to be able help shape the culture and early years of the Space Force into something we are proud of is an opportunity we shouldn’t let pass us by.”

Space Delta 6 welcomes newest USSF Guardians
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