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Softball season begins after long year

By Walt Johnson | Mountaineer staff

FORT CARSON, Colo. — The 2021 Fort Carson Softball season began May 5, 2021, at the Mountain Post Sports Complex softball fields with excited players and fans in attendance.

Lorraine Thorson, intramural sports director, Directorate of Family and Morale, Welfare and Recreation (DFMWR), and her staff worked tirelessly to begin the softball season May 4, but Mother Nature had other plans, as rain caused the season to be delayed by a day. That did not dampen the spirits of her staff or the players and fans as they converged on the complex the following day.

It has been over six months since the last softball games were played on post, and everyone was ready to hear the ping of the bats and the roar of the players and the spectators.

“We have been so ready to resume intramural sports, but we obviously had to respect the virus that has kept all activities at bay over the past year,” Thorson said. “We knew our Soldiers and Family members were ready to get out in the sunshine and have a chance to have a good recreational experience, and that has been our focus ever since we got the word to begin preparing for a season. The players were very excited, and I know my staff was beyond excited to get the fields ready to play again and to see the players enjoying themselves on the field.”

Willie “Sugar Ray” Chatman, Fort Carson Athletic Officials Association president, said his softball umpires were also ready to knock off the rust and get back into the swing of things. An intense three-day training and some conditioning work by his officials had them ready and eager to get out and call games again after nearly a year away from intramural activities.

“We all had to deal with the COVID-19 issues, and it affects sports a little different than other areas of life,” Chatman said. “A lot of what we do as officials requires us to be in good physical conditioning, and with the lack of activity over the past year due to the virus, we had to get ready in a little over a month to give the players and the post community our best effort on the field. We are just happy to be a part of bringing intramural sports back for the Soldiers and Family members to enjoy after they get through the challenges of their day jobs. This is our way to support the mission, and we are overjoyed to play our roles to the fullest.”

Thorson said the intramural softball league has 42 teams signed up and currently they are scheduled to play Tuesday and Thursday nights at the complex beginning at 6:30 p.m. each night

Softball season begins after long year
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