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P-S GAR introduces on-base housing resident advocates

SCHRIEVER AIR FORCE BASE, Colo. — In a sweeping response to the military housing health concerns raised by on-base housing residents across the U.S. Air Force in 2018, the Department of Defense enacted the 2020 National Defense Authorization Act in conjunction with the Tenant Bill of Rights.

The bill ensures safe and healthy facilities for residents of military privatized housing and provides additional resources for complaint resolution. The NDAA requires that every military installation with privatized housing create a resident advocate position to work on behalf of their residents.

 “My direct role in the resident advocate process is to be the liaison between privatized housing residents, the military housing office, the privatized housing project owner and the installation commander,” said Christopher Russell, Schriever Air Force Base privatized housing RA.

RAs have the responsibility to advocate for resident rights, safe and healthy housing, as well as identifying, validating and assisting in the resolution of resident concerns.

Peterson Air Force Base, Colorado, recently welcomed Kyra Mailki, the new RA for the installation.

“I hope that I can help residents feel comfortable and confident with their decision to live on base,” said Mailki. “I intend to accomplish this by working to keep residents informed; supporting their needs through education, mediation and advocacy; and ensuring that they have a voice when it comes to housing issues that impact their neighborhoods.”

Unlike traditional privatize housing companies, the Peterson-Schriever Garrison RAs support needs specific to their respective installations. Their ability to communicate directly with the installation commander allows them greater flexibility to assist residents.

“My position supports all privatized housing residents on the installation, without regard for rank, branch of service, duty location or family composition,” said Mailki. “Upon request, I can also provide support, in the form of information and/or referrals, for inbound (future) residents, previous residents and other military members living in the local Colorado Springs area.”

Mailki and Russell’s goals are to strengthen the relationship between residents and privatized housing owners, provide leaders with insight into housing issues on their installations and to accurately report issues in order to facilitate long-term improvements and policy change where necessary.

“It is crucial that we support our residents and their families so that they are able to execute their day-to-day missions to the best of their abilities without unnecessary stressors at home,” said Russell.

Contact Christopher Russell at 719-567-2316 and Kyra Mailki at

P-S GAR introduces on-base housing resident advocates
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