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Sending Soldiers off safely

By Sgt. 1st Class Aaron Rognstad | 1st Space Brigade

FORT CARSON, Colo. — Before the Oct. 8-11, 2021, holiday weekend, the 1st Space Brigade conducted an annual safety day — an informative, informal morning filled with booths and displays designed to keep Soldiers and their loved ones safe. With potentially dangerous cold weather right around the corner and a long holiday weekend in sight, the brigade chose Oct. 7, 2021, to address common safety issues.

Booths and displays ranging from household electrical safety to outdoor winter preparedness — to the dangers of alcohol — dotted Iron Horse Park amidst a backdrop of autumn colors on a beautiful fall day.

Col. Donald K. Brooks, commander, 1st Space Brigade, reflected on the meaning of the event.

“Fatalities in the Army have increased from last year, not just with simple mishaps, but with suicide as well,” Brooks said. “Today is a day to reflect on that and remember those who have gone before us, to make sure we are doing the things on and off duty to take care of ourselves and our brothers and sisters in arms, as well as our Families.”

One impactful display was a totaled car from an accident involving a specialist who chose to drink and drive and killed two of his fellow Soldiers in the accident.

“Soldiers seeing something like that up close — that has an impact on other Soldiers,” said Capt. Chris Gramling with 1st Space Brigade. “It makes it a lot more real than just hearing about it. So, to have a day where you get to see the dangers of what a night of drinking can do if you choose to drive, will hopefully deter that next Soldier from ruining not only his career, but his life.”

Pfc. Nathaniel Jones, 1st Space Brigade, said the event was informative, especially the electrical safety booth.

“(The booth) just gives you a better understanding of the potential hazards that are all around you,” he said. “Days like today teach you to not sweat the small stuff.”

Sending Soldiers off safely
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