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Wingman, Leader, Warrior: Airman 1st Class Bikas KC

By Kristian DePue | Staff Writer, Peterson-Schriever Garrison Public Affairs

SCHRIEVER SPACE FORCE BASE, Colo. – After living in the United States for eight years, Airman 1st Class Bikas KC enlisted in the U.S. Air Force in 2019 and serves as a career development technician with the 50th Force Support Squadron at Schriever Space Force Base, Colorado. KC was born and raised in Nepal, the country “Made of Hundreds of Flowers” northeast of India and south of Tibet.  He moved to the States because his wife was pursing her master’s degree stateside. She now works as a historical architect at Joint Base Pearl Harbor-Hickam, Hawaii.

“I get to see my wife about once a month,” said KC. “She came here last for a couple weeks — and our next time together will be here again.”

KC is very family oriented.  Although, he has not been back to Nepal since moving to the U.S., both his parents still reside in Nepal. KC now considers the U.S. his home

“I love this country,” said KC. “There are a lot of things I value here that you cannot get in any other part of the world. People don’t see that, either because they simply aren’t aware or choose not to see it. I wanted to make a life in this country and thought, ‘Why not start by serving?’ Serving this country is one of the greatest things you can do.”

In February 2020, KC arrived at Schriever SFB and works in the Military Personnel Flight office.

“My job consists of creating, organizing and finalizing permanent change of station orders,” said KC. “I ensure that the administrative requirements of each PCS move are met to the highest quality. My daily tasks consist of verifying eligibility for an assignment based on retainability and requirements — this also includes reviewing official documents, assisting in approval routing, publishing special orders, and handling multiple appointments daily.”

Additionally, KC assists in other career development areas such as retirements and separations of both Airmen and Guardians throughout the base, while also maintaining hundreds of records.

“Lastly, I took on an additional duty of assisting the squadron personnel systems manager with monitoring Military Personnel Data System reports and granting system accesses to eligible members,” said KC.

This detailed work, laid out by KC, is how he supports the overall mission of the Peterson-Schriever Garrison. His daily responsibilities enable Airmen and Guardians to perform their duties to the highest degree ensuring they can go to work each and every day knowing personnel and administrative actions are taken care of. KC’s efforts enable Airmen and Guardians to be mission ready at all times.

“A1C KC is our out-processing subject matter expert,” said U.S. Air Force Capt. Danielle C. Cook, 50th Force Support Squadron, Military Personnel Flight commander. “He is a go-to member for any question regarding career development. If he doesn’t know an answer, he takes time to research Air Force guidance and get a response back by the end of the day.”

As his commander, Cook praised KC for his heart and work ethic:

“He is usually one of the first members in the office and one of the last to leave. He tends to hang around to make sure his team members are done with their workload for the day — or if there is anything he can do to assist them so they can leave on time. Outside of normal work functions, he is always the first person to volunteer for anything — last year, he was awarded Volunteer of the Year. He does all tasks with a smile and positive attitude.”

KC reflected upon his time in the Air Force and said it had been a positive journey.

“The Air Force has made me more empathetic, understanding, and helped me look at the world with a bigger view. I’ve become more open-minded and see a larger world.”

A1C KC’s PERSONAL MOTTO: You might not get hurt if you fall but you will certainly get hurt if you fall again and haven’t figured out why you fell the first time. “It inspires me, as it makes me realize every step in life is a learning experience — and what doesn’t kill me makes me stronger.”

Wingman, Leader, Warrior: Airman 1st Class Bikas KC
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