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Blackhawks host the Order of the Spur

By Spc. Tyler Brock | 4th Infantry Division Public Affairs Office

FORT CARSON, Colo. — Early June 15, Soldiers with the 1st Stryker Brigade Combat Team converged on the motor pool of 2nd Squadron, 1st Cavalry Regiment, 1st SBCT, 4th Infantry Division, for the annual Order of the Spur — an event steeped in cavalry scout tradition.

Soldiers, also known as spur candidates, were put through an agonizing 36 hours of physically demanding training.

“We wanted to incorporate training, but also stay true to the cavalry traditions,” said Capt. Cody Pigford, the officer in charge, with 2nd Sqdn., 1st Cav. Reg.

The training consisted of five lanes to help shape the modern-day Ivy Soldiers and equip them to fight and win the nation’s wars. From high-frequency radio operations to a modified Army Combat Fitness Test, any Dragoon that went through this training could expect to be more Mountain Post “READY”.

“It’s vital for any Soldier going forward,” said Sgt. 1st Class Cody Anderson, noncommissioned officer in charge, with 2nd Sqdn., 1st Cav. Reg.

Even though the event lasted less than two days, the planning took months. The biggest challenges were ensuring that the scout traditions were observed while also ensuring training standards were met, said Pigford. Even though the event was traditionally a cavalry scout affair, it took a team of more than Dragoons to run it. As Pigford said, it “takes more than (scouts) to run a spur ride.”

When all was said and done, 62 Soldiers were able to walk away with pride knowing they were added to the Order of the Spur.

“I have no doubt going through this as a candidate, the professionalism, the esprit de corps, the motivational support that you provide was truly awesome,” said Lt. Col. Aaron Morrison, squadron commander, with 2nd Sqdn., 1st Cav. Reg.

Blackhawks host the Order of the Spur
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